Adele’s divorce can cost her half her fortune: 160 million


The British singer had lived seven years with Simon Konecki, father of his only son. The couple had not signed marriage agreements.

Romantic songs are, on many occasions, the fruit of a broken heart. A greater vital drama, more strength, more claw, more pain … and more albums sold. It is not surprising, therefore, that many sharp-edged netizens already point out that Adele’s next songs will be especially moving: the artist announced last Saturday the end of her marriage to financier Simon Konecki. A goodbye that will not only break songs and hearts, but also bank accounts: Adele will have to split her fortune in half and share it with who will soon be her ex-husband.

Adele Adkins and Simon Konecki met in 2011 thanks to a mutual friend: singer Ed Sheeran. Then she lived her great professional explosion thanks to the release of her second album, 21, which became a huge international success. One of her rare appearances together took place in 2012, when they attended the Grammy Awards together and she won six statuettes. However, although they were seen together in the stalls, neither on that nor on any other occasion they posed together before the media.

The couple had a son, Angelo, in October 2012, and they married in 2016, something that she herself decided to tell during a concert in Australia. According to expert British couple lawyers consulted by the newspaper The Times, it seems quite likely that Adkins and Konecki did not sign a prenuptial agreement to divide their assets. Therefore, now they will have to separate them during the divorce process, for which they have asked for privacy and respect. According to these same sources, it is estimated that the artist’s fortune exceeds 160 million euros, and that she will have to divide it by 50%. However, the figure may depend on how long you have lived together before getting married.

Not only that: how he contributed to his career, his artistic achievements and his earnings. “Adele could claim that her own talent is the main one, which means that her husband would receive significantly less money,” explains divorce attorney Sandra Davis to the Sunday Times.

It does not look like money is a big concern for Adele. She has three studio albums (titled 19, 21 and 25) that have made her one of the richest women in the industry in the United Kingdom. In 2016, it topped the list of the most well-off under 30s in its country; That was three years ago, and then his fortune was already estimated at 106 million. “There is no woman who is increasing her earnings as much as Adele, she is surpassing even young male interpreters,” said the head of the same list at the time.

“I do not come from a world of money, it’s not something important to me,” the interpreter once said for an interview with Vanity Fair. The singer is of humble origins and was raised by her mother, single, in an apartment. Her husband, on the other hand (for whom this has been his second marriage and who has a daughter from the previous one), studied at the elite university of Eton and worked for years at the investment bank Lehman Brothers and later set up the NGO Drop4Drop, which It seeks to avoid global water shortages and bring clean supplies to communities that suffer from shortages.

The divorce will be settled, probably, far from the courts and the media focus. Very much in line with what they have done for years with their lives. In fact, it is likely that, unless Adele herself wants to say something about it, or want to know what happens with your child and the custody of the child or his fortune.

It is not the first demand that lives Adele: one of his ex-boyfriends asked for copyright for having released successful songs thanks to his broken heart. “You made my life a hell, so I’ve lived it and now I deserve it,” she answered then. “He thought that he would have a contribution to the creative process for being a cocoon, he has already had his reward: he turned me into an adult and he set me up.” Now we have to wait for what songs Adele brings from this new maturity.

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