Cristiano Ronaldo paid 375,000 dollars to the woman who accused him of rape

Cristiano Ronaldo, in a match with the Portuguese national team.

The new legal documents accessed by ‘TMZ’ confirm payment to Kathryn Mayorga who signed a confidentiality agreement with the player in 2010

The soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo paid $ 375,000 (about 323,000 euros) to Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who accused him of rape in 2009, as confirmed by new legal documents to which the TMZ media has had access. The money was part of a confidentiality agreement signed in 2010 so that the accusation did not come to light. In this document the player also reiterated that it was not an admission of guilt.

The Juventus striker from Turin and former Real Madrid player was accused by Mayorga of having raped her in his Las Vegas hotel room on June 13, 2009. Initially, the woman reached an agreement with the footballer, but In 2018 the then model decided to speak and file a lawsuit against the player. Mayorga finally withdrew the lawsuit in May of this year and last July the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, on which the city of the state of Nevada depends, refused to prosecute the footballer for lack of evidence.

“Mr. Ronaldo paid the plaintiff the sum of $ 375,000 and both parties agreed to be subject to explicit obligations of confidentiality and not depreciation,” said the court documents presented by the defense, according to the US portal.

In a brief revealed last July, the prosecution said: “Based on the review of the information presented, allegations of sexual abuse against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven beyond any reasonable doubt.” The prosecution made the decision based on information provided by the police, who came to ask the Italian authorities for a DNA sample of the player. Today it is not clear if he came to give it. In any case, the prosecution said that in the ten years that have passed since the alleged aggression so far, the crucial evidence was lost.

In his day, when he made the complaint, Mayorga did not identify the player as his aggressor. The detectives, explained the prosecution, “could not follow the investigation protocols for cases of sexual abuse.”

Last October, the player said he was an “example” on and off the pitch. “I know I am an example, one hundred percent. On the pitch and out of it,” he said. And he said his lawyers were “confident” in the outcome of this case. “The truth always goes ahead,” he said. However, days later, he admitted that the accusation affected him and his family.

According to Mayorga, after the rape Cristiano Ronaldo did not want to let her go. “I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure he said ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Are you alright?’. He insisted he was a ‘good guy’ at 99%, except for that one percent,” she says.

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