Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend and is not Bradley Cooper


The singer is seen in public and kissing with Dan Horton, his sound engineer

Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend and is not Bradley Cooper. Six months after breaking up with her fiance Christian Carino, the 33-year-old singer has been photographed kissing her 37-year-old sound engineer, Dan Horton, at the Granville restaurant in Studio City, California, reports People magazine.

Witnesses from the scene explained that Gaga and Horton were very effusive while eating together. In one of the photos, Gaga is seen standing and bending down to kiss Horton, who is sitting.

The singer was dressed in black shorts and boots. He remained discreet in the restaurant and refused to take pictures with fans who approached him. Witnesses in the room say they never did anything to hide.

According to his LinkedIn page, Horton has worked as a sound engineer for the singer since November 2018. He is also the owner of Audio Engineering Consulting Group and has previously worked with other renowned artists such as Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, he has been married to actress Autumn Guzzardi, who currently stars in the musical Rock of Ages.

In recent months, since it was learned that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had broken, some US media related the actor to the singer, something she has always denied but without providing more data. Although the chemistry between the two is more than evident – something that was clearly seen in the delivery of the Oscars, when they performed together at the piano – they have always denied that there was anything else between them. “Yes, people saw love, and guess what?” The singer wondered, a few days after that celebrated performance, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. “That’s exactly what we wanted it to look like,” he replied. “Shallow is a love song, A star is born is a love story. It was very important for both of us to have that connection all the time … When you sing love songs that is what you want people to feel,” he said then . “I’m an artist and I think [Bradley and I] did a good job … I cheated on you!”

Of course, Cooper and Lady Gaga admit that they admire and love each other. They connected from the first day, when he went to the singer’s house to offer to be the protagonist A star was born, the movie he dreamed of making. “I have a lifelong friend,” Bradley Cooper told about her in the multiple interviews that surrounded the promotion of the film, a promotion undoubtedly fueled by that affectionate relationship. A close friendship and statements that have not avoided rumors.

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