Leonardo DiCaprio, a perfect money maker


With three decades of career behind him, the actor has become one of the most profitable stars in Hollywood, one of the few that succeed without paying the toll of the franchises. Four years later, premieres movie.

From Titanic to The Wolf of Wall Street, there is no doubt: Leonardo DiCaprio is a world star. And one of the big ones. But how is stardom measured? How do you weigh when there are no more prizes in the shelves? And when there is no Instagram on which thousands of “likes” fall? In the case of DiCaprio, it is the figures that speak: his last 10 films have raised 3,000 million euros.

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With data like these, it is undeniable to consider him a star for the viewer, but also for film studios, who do not hesitate to bet on him for his projects, again and again. Their presence serves to enlarge them, give them more packaging and strain them into the annual awards lists. But that presence, of course, must be limited: the Californian actor selects his projects with the greatest prudence and consciously ignores the siren songs of the franchises that roam the movie mecca. Now — this weekend in much of the world; on August 15 in Spain — premieres Once upon a time in… Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino. Four years ago he did not stand in front of a camera.

Maybe it was the hangover of the Oscar, maybe the physical and mental difficulties of that shoot, but since his success with El Renacido he had not seen DiCaprio again in a movie. That does not mean that he has stopped. Since 2015, his name appears as a producer in no less than 15 projects, most of them documentaries that highlight the environmental problems through which the planet passes and with which he is highly aware. It is not posturing. As explained by some of his relatives to the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, his commitment to the environment is not superficial at all. Know the subject thoroughly, like to meet with experts and know what he is talking about and what the stories have to tell where he puts his money.

When it gets something, DiCaprio does it thoroughly. About to turn 45 and with his life resolved since he played Jack Dawson, the romantic stowaway aboard the Titanic, in 1997, he does what he wants: he chooses, decides, ponders papers and projects. No hurries. He is a man of principles, nothing unstable, little given to the star corps (although his whims include inviting his parents to a premiere in Cannes, but who would not do it if he could?).

“The most remarkable thing about Leo is his consistency,” explains Tom Rothman, a senior Sony official who has worked with him on several projects since his youth. “If he gets something, the public knows it’s going to be good because he’s in it. When isn’t he fantastic at something? But it’s not by accident. He kills himself to work.” A Hollywood producer says: “It may seem that what he does is effortless, but he spends 10,000 hours and more. I think everyone sees him as the best actor of his generation, which has also made him the biggest star of cinema of his generation “. That union, that of great actor and great star, which has not always gone hand in hand.

The directors praise him. “He doesn’t even have to open his mouth,” says Martin Scorsese. “He could have done what he wanted and decided to do this,” argues Tarantino. His work capacity and dedication are innate. Actually, unfounded by their parents. The only child of George and Irmelin, little DiCaprio was born in California hippie in the seventies and raised in the drug-filled and prostitution suburbs of Los Angeles. With his blond hair and angelic face he got his first role with only five years; Lassie arrived at 15, and since then and unstoppably, series and films, nominations and awards.

Of the most beloved, most activists and most successful, in the chapter of “more” is also one of the most photographed men, despite his intention to hide and has no social networks; just Twitter, which he uses to do activism. And, also, of the single ones to whom more quickly they are attributed couple. For about a year and a half and as far as it is known, which is rather little, it comes out with the Argentine model Camila Morrone, 21 years old. Apparently, he has never dated any woman over 25 years old.

He is also on the podium thanks to his salary. Its rate is usually 20 million euros per film, which accepts to reduce if the occasion requires it – for the last Tarantino has charged between 10 and 15. This year, it occupies the ninth place among the best paid, but it differs from the rest of the list in that it is not there for sequels, sagas or franchises. DiCaprio doesn’t need to appear to be a superhero.

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