Meghan Markle and Prince Henry present their son


The dukes of Sussex show their baby at Windsor Castle 48 hours after his birth but they do not reveal his name.

As Henry announced from England last Monday, hours after his son came to the world. The entire family appeared before the media in what is already the first official act of the new member of the British royal house, which ranks seventh in the line of succession to the throne. The dukes of Sussex posed with their baby in the St. George’s hall of Windsor Castle, near their new residence, Frogmore Cottage. It was the prince who carried the child wrapped in a white scarf and protected with a hat of the same color.

“It’s magical, it’s incredible,” Meghan Markle said in her first appearance with the child. “I have the two best kids in the world, so I’m very happy,” the duchess explained. About the little one he said: “He has a sweet temperament, he is very calm”. “I do not know from whom he got it,” the prince joked. “It’s great, being a father is amazing, it’s only been two and a half days, we’re thrilled to have our little piece of joy, we’re looking forward to spending time with him as he grows little by little,” the Duke of Sussex added. Teaching the baby before the cameras – who asked to see the little one more closely – has jokingly indicated that “he already has a little hair on his face, fantastic.” His wife wanted to thank the signs of affection received during these two days.

“We’re still trying to find out,” Meghan said about who and how they’re going to take care of the child. “Everybody says that babies change a lot in the first two weeks, so basically we are monitoring what the whole process of change is like over the next month, but it seems to change every day, so who knows,” explained Prince Henry. , who has joked about “facial hair that can be seen on the baby’s face”.

Markle appeared in a white dress that she wore with a belt to show the traces of her recent pregnancy.

With the arrival of the Sussex baby a new more relaxed protocol has been introduced than that followed by the Dukes of Cambridge when their three children arrived: Jorge, Carlota and Luis. Meghan Markle made it clear from the beginning that she was not willing to pose to the media around the world shortly after giving birth, that she wanted to privately celebrate the arrival of her son and then meet the requirement of her official presentation. The appointment of this Wednesday has also been surrounded by controversy. Markle wanted the CBS, whose morning show is presented by her friend Gayle King, to join a small group of British media for the photo shoot at Windsor Castle. The decision came as a surprise to British television channels, including the BBC and ITV.

Markle also imposed her criteria when it came to how to give birth although not everything was as she wanted. Scotland Yard organized an operation for Meghan Markle to give birth in the most secret way possible. The exam had expressed his wish that his son should come to the world at home. But apparently he could not fulfill it.

The delivery occurred at 5.26 (British time) after Markle was secretly taken to a hospital in London on Sunday afternoon. He entered the hospital in Portland where he stayed throughout the night. There the childbirth was induced, since she was more than a week late and at 37 she was not advisable to wait any longer. At the birth, Henry of England and the mother of the Duchess, Doria Ragland, attended. After giving birth, Markle and her baby returned with the same discretion to Frogmore Cottage. Once installed in his house, the prince appeared before the media without revealing any details of the operation, a decision that also respected Buckingham Palace.

The arrival of baby seems to have relaxed the tensions between princes Guillermo and Enrique. The Dukes of Cambridge in their first public appearance on Tuesday congratulated Enrique for the arrival of the baby. Prince William, with his particular humor, welcomed his brother to a very special club which he called: “the society of sleep deprivation”. The Duchess of Cambridge valued the time of year in which she was born, which also coincides with the birthdays of Louis and Charlotte. “We hope to meet you soon and find out what your name will be,” he added.

From Germany, where they are on an official trip, Prince Charles said he was looking forward to arriving in London to meet his new grandson. The heir maintains a close relationship with Meghan Markle that has facilitated his integration into the royal house.

Queen Isabel, who does not usually express her feelings in public, smiled at being congratulated during an audience for the child’s birth and remembered that the child raised to eight the number of his great-grandchildren.

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