Meghan Markle’s brother is bankrupt and has nowhere to live


Thomas Markle Jr. says that being a family of the Duchess of Sussex has made each of their movements are analyzed: “It has not been easy for our lives to turn upside down.”

Everything that Meghan Markle plays becomes news. And what does not touch, precisely because of that, too. That has happened now with his brother, Thomas Markle Jr., who has said that he has lost his home and his job and that he has to live with his family in a hotel room. All of this citing, of course, his arch-sister half sister and assuring that not only is not helping him to improve his life, but that it has precisely contributed to worsen it.

At 52, Thomas Jr. says he has lost his job and his home and that, since he can not find a place to live, he has been in a small hotel room in the state of Oregon for two months with his fiancee, Darlene, his son and his two dogs. He has told in an interview with the British tabloid The Sun. Markle believes that having such a famous name has meant that no one wants to rent a house for him, since he is being forced to live “under a microscope”.

“I’m in the worst moment of my life , ” he assuring the Sun . “Living in a tiny hotel room is taking its toll on Darlene and her son, all of us, and it’s all because my life has suddenly been catapulted into the public eye, without it being for me.” Thomas Markle Jr. assures that “every movement” that he or his family makes is analyzed. “A lot has been said about me, true and not true, so nobody wants to give me a home or a job, it’s hard to accept it, especially when I’ve never asked for it.”

According to the step-brother of the Duchess of Sussex , his problems began at the beginning of the year, when he became ill. Not being able to continue his work as a glazier and his landlord – who has also given some interviews explaining that Markle owed him money and had caused damage to his property, something he denies – threw him out. They had to go to trial. “Suddenly, all the local chains talked about that they had condemned me and that I had left the house destroyed, but everything is a lie,” he says, who claims to have pictures of the property and that it was perfect. “He took advantage of who I was, used him against me and made me look like a bad guy,” he argues.

The American says that something like this had never happened to him: “The problem is that they know me as Thomas Markle, Meghan’s crazy brother, I’ve gone from being a private person to knowing everything I’ve done in my life. ” “People think I’m taking advantage of Meghan, but these are the cards that life has given me,” he says. For him, this is “a struggle to survive” in the first place, but later it is “a fight for the Markle family”: “I hope that I teach Meghan that he has a family here that he may have forgotten, but for us It has been easy for our lives to turn upside down. ” According to him, he has always been successful at work and has lived comfortably, but that has changed: “I do not want to speak badly about Meghan”.

Thomas Markle Jr. is the son of the first marriage of Thomas Markle, father of the now Duchess of Sussex, with Roslyn Loveless. With it he had Thomas Jr. and the controversial Samantha, with whom he has even traveled to London to try to meet Meghan. Samantha, 55, has been attacking her sister for years and has said she will soon launch two memoirs to tell her story about how her sister is, with whom she has not been raised or has hardly maintained a relationship. Thomas, his father, has no relation to the Duchess today.

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