Nicolas Cage’s wife asks for compensation for four days of marriage


The actor, who requested the annulment of the wedding, assures that both were so drunk that they did not know what they were doing.

Erika Koike, the last and short wife of Nicolas Cage, demands compensation from the actor for four days of marriage. Cage, 55, requested the cancellation of his wedding with the makeup artist after the couple married at a wedding in Las Vegas to which he arrived drunk, according to witnesses from the scene. Koike asks for compensation from his ex-husband as he claims that his reputation has been damaged and that he has lost job opportunities.

“She wants to keep my money, she wants to keep all my money!” That was, according to eyewitnesses, the phrase that Nicolas Cage was shouting while going to an official Las Vegas agency to ask for a marriage certificate. The couple got married that same day, as it has now been known. For the actor this was his fourth wedding.

The scene took place on March 28 at the Clark County Marriage Licensing Office in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. As explained by the British newspaper Daily Mail, who had access to the images, the event was recorded by those present and took place around 11 in the morning in the corridors of the offices. In the images you can see Cage with black jacket and trousers and red shirt, beard several days and serious gesture. According to the witnesses of the scene, the interpreter was “drunk”. Cage began to behave erratically and to shout “He wants to keep my money!” and “Your ex is a druggie, it’s a druggie!”, while she tried to calm him down. After the scene, they were taken to a separate room and later they were seen leaving with papers in their hands.

Cage is a controversial character for years. Last October, without going any further, a young American accused him of having abused her at a film festival in Vienna when the actor “was deeply drunk.” In addition, in an interview in the newspaper The Guardian said that if he did not have work “would be very self-destructive.” “I would sit down, I would order two bottles of red wine and it would disappear, and I do not want to be that person, so I have to work,” he said then.

In the annulment documents filed less than a week later, Cage cited Koike’s ‘criminal history’ among the many reasons he wanted to dissolve the marriage, according to The Blast. Initially, he claimed he was “too drunk.” Koike has a history of two accidents in Los Angeles, one in 2008 and another in 2011. On one occasion she was sentenced to 5 days in jail and to follow a very severe detoxification program. Finally, she was placed on probation and sentenced to community service in addition to the obligation to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the other, she was punished with 18 months in a rehabilitation program against drugs and alcohol.

In the court documents presented by the plaintiff, he states that he and his now ex-wife Erika were drunk and did not know what they were doing the day they got married.

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