The huge real estate heritage of Ed Sheeran: 22 properties and no neighbors


The last purchase of the singer are two houses adjacent to his for which he has paid more than four million to have no noise problem.

British singer Ed Sheeran has more than proven that he is a rich and successful man. The most sought-after musician on the planet has sold more than 15 million copies with his first three albums and his songs accumulate even more downloads. In addition, he has won four Grammy Awards and six Billboard in his latest edition. He has become the highest grossing singer of the last three decades, entering only with the 94 concerts he gave in 2018 over 380 million euros. But Sheeran has managed to move beyond the music industry, to amass a huge real estate estate with 22 properties in the United Kingdom, according to the Daily Mail.

The Briton, 28, has bought two houses located next to his mansion of more than 20 million euros in London to avoid complaints from neighbors about the noise. In addition, he has acquired the top floor of his modern bar, near his house in Notting Hill, after the worry that the noise generated by the premises could become a problem. In total, according to the British portal, the singer has spent more than four million euros between the two properties near his house and the small apartment on his establishment, which he bought last year.

“Before Ed had neighbors complaining about the noise, so when he had the opportunity to buy the two houses next to his, he took the opportunity,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “He has not only made a smart investment, but also limits the possibility of future neighbors complaining about loud music or parties. He also decided to buy the flat above his restaurant because that could have been a point of stagnation for the future of the business. “In total, his real estate empire, with the 22 properties, cost him around 50 million euros.

The artist, who has just released his fourth album, No.6 Collaborations Project, is estimated a real estate valued at almost 90 million euros. According to the Daily Mail, he bought two apartments near Shoreditch, one of the trendy neighborhoods in London, for almost two million euros. It also has six apartments in Hammersmith, an artistic neighborhood west of the English capital, which it acquired for almost four million. He also owns three houses in Holland Park, which amount to almost eight million, and two houses in the wealthy Chiswick neighborhood for about four million. Last year he bought a house and a restaurant in Notting Hill for more than 20 million, in addition to his four properties on his estate in Suffolk, a county located east of the country and north London, valued at three million.

Sheeran, the musician who collected the most in 2018 on the entire planet, with 94 concerts and 380 million euros, is today a successful man, professionally and personally. At the end of last year he married Cherry Seaborn, 26, his longtime friend and girlfriend since 2015. Without going into too many details, sources close to the musician said in February that the link was only attended by 40 people and that they would make a biggest celebration for summer. However, the couple never confirmed the link.

Now, in a recent interview with iHeartRadio, in which he has spoken about his new work, the singer has surprised with references to his marriage. This has happened in a conversation in which they have asked him about the meaning of one of the songs, Remember The Name, in which Eminem and 50 Cent collaborates, and in which he says that his “woman wears red lips but is much more beautiful without makeup. ” “I composed that song just before Cherry and I got married,” he replied. “And I knew that the moment everyone published it, he was going to realize that we had done it. And obviously now that everyone has already heard it, there is no point in denying it,” he concluded.

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