The unknown brother of Brad Pitt who does not disappoint


His name is Douglas, he is smaller and has just made a parody of one of the famous scenes that the actor stars in ‘Seven’ for solidarity purposes.

Brad Pitt is not the only philanthropist or the only handsome single in the family. His younger brother, Douglas, who is an entrepreneur, has drawn attention this week for his similarity with the famous actor and also because he has jumped to the media as the protagonist of the parody of a well-known scene from the movie Seven, starring his brother. A cameo with which he does not pretend to shade or show jealousy of his older brother, but serve as a hook to promote a brand of beers, Mother’s Brewing, which donates a percentage of each of the bottles that he sells for charity causes.

The name of the short is 6ix and the intervention of Douglas Pitt has to do with the foundation Care to Learn, created by himself in 2007. The goal of the foundation of Douglas Pitt is to support education in communities more disadvantaged and try to resolve situations of need in cases of health, lack of food or hygiene in children.

Douglas Pitt leads a life away from the glamor and exposure that characterizes that of his brother, although on occasion he has said that he is confused at least three times a day with his brother and that he takes it with a sense of humor. He began his career as an entrepreneur, founding in 1991 the company Service World Computer Center, which was based in Missouri and was dedicated to the maintenance and repair of computers. He is currently the owner of Pitt Development Group, a company specialized in creating spaces for doctors’ offices.

But in addition to this facet, Doug, the name by which his friends know him also shares with Brad a facet of solidarity that he focuses on children, while his famous brother has been involved in other causes such as refugees or victims of the hurricane. Katrina that, in 2005, devastated New Orleans leaving more than 1,800 dead, almost 110,000 houses flooded and 80% of its population displaced from their places of residence.

The brothers Brad (1963) and Doug Pitt (1966) have a younger sister, Julie Neal (1969), the three children of William Alvin Pitt (owner of a company that manufactured trucks) and Jane Etta Hillhouse, secretary at a high school . The three were raised in Sprinfield, Missouri, where the family moved after the actor’s birth. And it is in this same community where the middle of the brothers is considered a leader of their community, “a good man who reminds us that little is needed to do good”, according to the comment that the beer brand has made about him. advertise in his parody.

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