They arrest a man armed with a bat outside Taylor Swift’s house


The suspect intended to “catch up” with the singer at her Rhode Island residence and told police she knew her personally. The artist was not at home at that time.

A new stalker joins the long list of men obsessed with singer Taylor Swift. This weekend, a man has been arrested near the home of the pop star in Rhode Island. According to police sources, David Page Liddle, 32, who planned to “visit” the pop star, has been arrested and charged with possession of theft tools. Among them, the man carried over 30 picks, a lever to open windows and an aluminum baseball bat.

Liddle wanted to “catch up with Taylor Swift” and insisted he knew her personally, according to a local newspaper. The man, from Iowa, traveled to the small town where the singer has residency and was arrested after several neighbors noticed the presence of a stranger who had been hanging around the area since early morning and acting suspiciously.

The suspect was finally arrested without incident and a restraining order has been issued that prohibits him from approaching any of Swift’s properties, who at that time was not at home, as Shawn police chief confirmed to AFP Lacey this Tuesday. In addition, he will undergo a psychological evaluation to Liddle.

It is not the first time that the 29-year-old Shake It Off interpreter has faced such situations. Last April, one of his stalkers, Roger Alvarado, 23, was sentenced to four years in prison for having entered the singer’s house only one month after being released from prison for the same reason. The singer has repeatedly stated that violence is one of her “biggest fears”, and has implemented facial recognition technology in some of her concerts in order to identify possible stalkers in the crowd.

Alvarado, who was supposed to enjoy his probation in Florida, took a flight to New York on March 7 and arrived by taxi to the house he has in the Tribeca neighborhood. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a surveillance camera recorded how the young man took a ladder, slipped on the terrace of the house and broke the glass of the door, causing more than $ 4,000 in damages, and entered the home. At that time the singer was not at home, but her security team detected movement and the police showed up immediately.

In addition, last September Eric Swarbrick received a restraining order from the singer, whom he had harassed with letters in the last two years in which he threatened to rape and kill her. Months before, Mohammed Jaffar was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for robbery, after appearing in the house of the New York singer up to five times in two months. But Swift is not the only artist who has had such problems with some of her followers. The model and sister of the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner or actresses Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston have also suffered this bad experience in the first person.

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