At least three dead and several injured in a shooting at a California food fair


Security forces have a suspect in custody

Three people have died and a dozen have been injured in a shooting this Sunday at a gastronomic festival that was held in a town in northern California, Gilroy, as reported by Dion Bracco, City Councilman, to the Associated Press. Police have shot dead the alleged aggressor, who has been identified as Santino William Legan, 19, according to CBS News and NBC News. The incident has occurred around half past five in the afternoon (US West Coast time) and at night there was an alleged accomplice in custody.

Gilroy, with 57,000 inhabitants, is located about 130 kilometers south of San Francisco. This Sunday celebrated the Garlic Festival, a three-day fair that attracts thousands of visitors. Videos of people running for shelter began to fly through social networks. “They don’t know if there are more victims, so they are treating it as an active situation,” Bracco explained.

Local police have urged citizens who were looking for their loved ones, from whom they could have separated while fleeing to the race, to go to the Gavilan College parking lot, which became an impromptu meeting point. The identities or ages of the victims were still unknown at the end of the day in the United States.

A music band called Tin Man was about to play when the first shots were heard, according to AP. The singer, Jack van Breen, explained that he saw a man in the food zone carrying what looked like a rifle and that, when he ran to take shelter under the stage, he heard shouting: “Why does he do this?” “Because I am very angry,” someone replied. Another witness, Julissa Contreras, has pointed out to the ABC network that she saw a white man in his 30s armed with a rifle: “I could see him shooting in all directions. He was not aiming at anyone in particular. He was just going from left to right and from right to left”.

After eleven o’clock at night, US President Donald Trump has referred to the incident on his Twitter account. “The security forces are at the scene of a shooting in Gilroy, California. The information indicates that the shooter has not yet been arrested. Be careful and be safe. ” However, after a few hours, there was already a suspect arrested.

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