Man kills at least 18 people in Canada


The killer terrorized a small town in Nova Scotia for 12 hours. This is the worst multiple murder in the history of the country

At least 18 people have been shot dead, including a police officer, during the 12 hours a multiple killer terrorized a small town in Nova Scotia on Canada’s Atlantic coast between Saturday and Sunday. Police have identified the killer as Gabriel Wortman, 51. At noon Sunday, the motives or circumstances of the shooting were unknown. And at the last minute, the death toll, revealed by public television citing police sources, remained provisional. It is the largest multiple murder in Canadian history.

The first information from the police, in the early hours of Sunday, indicated that he was looking for a suspect who was driving a police car and was disguised as an agent, despite not belonging to the police force. He named Wortman and warned that he was considered “armed and dangerous”.

On his Twitter account, Nova Scotia police announced around 11 am local time that Wortamn had been arrested. On Sunday afternoon, he told a press conference that the suspect had died, but did not clarify if it was due to police shooting. At the press conference, the police gave the figure of 10 deaths, not including the suspect.

The slaughter began on Saturday night in a small town of Portapique, which has just over a hundred inhabitants and is located on the coast about 130 kilometers north of Halifax. The Mounted Police went to a local residence and found several lifeless bodies there. Later, other bodies were found in different places. The chase ended at a gas station in the town of Enfield. The murderer died there, shot by the police, according to the BBC, although there has been no official confirmation. The country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lamented the attack and described it as “a terrible situation,” according to the BBC.

Police were unable to offer any clues on Sunday about the perpetrator of the attack. The victims “do not seem to have any connection with the shooter,” said Chris Leather, of the Royal Gendarmerie, according to the agency France Presse (Afp). “Apparently, at least in part, he acted randomly.”

Trudeau announced Monday that he will push for new gun control legislation to ban possession of assault rifles as soon as Parliament resumes its sessions, suspended by the coronavirus epidemic.

The previous multiple shooting in Canada, where such events are very rare compared to its southern neighbors, the USA, was in August 2018, when a man killed four people, including two policemen, in an apartment building in New Brunswick. The worst shooting in Canada until this Sunday had been the one that happened in December 1989, when an assassin killed 15 women in Montreal.

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