Policeman arrested for allegedly killing a man with a kick in Buenos Aires

The moment the policeman kicks a man in the chest in the street.

The man, who was hindering the traffic, took out a knife from the agents

A police officer from Buenos Aires (Argentina) has been arrested after allegedly killing a man with a kick. According to local media, the deceased was hindering traffic and threatening some drivers this past Monday in the San Cristóbal neighborhood of the capital. After his presence was detected, a security camera recorded the moment in which four agents approached the pedestrian and He took out a knife. One of the officers then responded with a kick in the chest that, as seen in the recording, caused the man to collapse on the ground on the spot. The authorities indicated that the man was immediately transferred to a hospital, where he later died. The police officer is in the custody of the Gendarmerie while the autopsy of his alleged victim is carried out and the witness is taken testimony. The policeman could face a crime of involuntary manslaughter.

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