‘Game of Thrones’: 800,000 signatures to ask HBO to redo the final season


“The writers have proven to be incompetent,” says the petition signed by disgruntled followers

A petition on the Change.org website for an alternate final season of Game of Thrones has accumulated more than 760,000 signatures of followers disappointed with the evolution of the plot (it aims at a million signatures). “David Benioff and DB Weiss have proven to be a sadly incompetent screenwriter when they do not have reference material (ie, the books of George RR Martin) to lean on. The series deserves a final season that makes sense, “says the petition addressed to the network. HBO

Many followers of the series have shown in recent weeks their discontent through social networks for what they consider a lack of subtlety or consistency in some script turns, especially after the evolution of the character of Daenerys in the penultimate episode. Alone in the United States, the series averages almost 12 million spectators per chapter in the eighth and final season, so it has broken its own record.

During the first four seasons, the author of the literary saga Song of Ice and Fire, participated actively in the series writing a chapter per season. From the fifth he stopped doing it to focus on writing the two volumes that he lacks (Winds of Winter and Dream of Summer) and other projects. Since then, many followers have complained about the alleged lack of coherence between the scripts of the series and the style of the books. However, everything written has the approval of George R. R. Martin himself.

Despite the vehement requests of these followers, a response from HBO is not expected. The platform will broadcast on the morning of next Monday the final chapter of Game of Thrones, which in Spain can also be seen live on Movistar +.

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