“Game of Thrones”: All chapters sorted from worst to best


With the end of the series, we classify the 72 episodes of HBO fantasy fiction.

In the absence of a chapter for the end of Game of Thrones, we have undertaken the enormous mission of ordering the 72 episodes issued to date, from those that we will remember in the future for their impact or their technical and narrative quality to those we hated for the facts that happened in them or how they were counted, going through those that, as we saw, we forgot. As always with these lists, it is a subjective classification that responds to subjective criteria and, therefore, is open to all discussion.

72 – Never bowed, never broken 5×06

It is the wedding of Sansa with Ramsay Bolton, who raped her on her wedding night in one of the most terrible scenes of the series and that caused a barrage of complaints. The rest of the chapter does not compensate that trance: Arya continues with his training to be a faceless man, Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slavers and Jaime and Bronn meet the Sand Snakes.

71 – The Man Shattered 6×07

In one of the strangest plots, El Perro is saved by Brother Ray, leader of a peaceful community. Meanwhile, Jon, Sansa and Davos seek allies to, one day, defeat Ramsay and recover Winterfell. Actor Ian McShane joins the series with a totally untapped character that adds nothing to the story.

70 – The House of Black and White 5×02

Arya arrives in Braavos, to begin what would be the most boring plot in which she would be involved, in the House of Black and White, and before they put her to the test. In Desembarco del Rey, Cersei is disturbed by her daughter, who is in Dorne, and sends Jaime for her. In addition, Sansa and Brienne meet in an inn by chance. Transition chapters are necessary, but never pleasant.

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69 – The latest Stark 8×04

After defeating the army of the dead, Winterfell is celebrating, Daenerys begins to worry, seeing that the people he trusts start to turn their backs on him. Also, the true identity of Jon Snow is no longer a secret. Chapters so close to the end of the series are required more because it seems that there is no time to lose facing the final outcome, and this, the antepenultimate, did not know how to defend against such pressure.

68 – Mhysa 3×10

The house Frey controls Aguasdulces. Bran continues his journey Beyond the Wall and Jon Snow leaves for Castillo Negro. Daenerys gets the release of the slaves. And with a Khaleesi acclaimed by the slaves, the third season ends. All well except one small detail: the Red Wedding has just happened, the most traumatic event of the series. And this anticlimatic chapter left a lot to be desired.

67 – Chain breaker 4×03

After the murder of Joffrey, Jaime forces Cersei to have sex at the feet of his dead son. Tyrion is imprisoned to be tried as an alleged culprit of regicide. Daenerys arrives at Meereen and the north prepares for the arrival of the savages. Not only is it among interesting plot points, which forces it to be especially bland so that the viewer can breathe, but rewards our patience with the unpleasant and uncomfortable scene between Jaime and Cersei.

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66 – The ghost of Harrenhal 2×05

While Renly and Catelyn negotiate an alliance, Melisandre bursts in and murders the king. In King’s Landing, Arya is a servant of Tywin, who still does not know her true identity. The second season was not, in general, the best of the series.


65 – A Prince of Winterfell 2×08

Catelyn lets Jaime, whom he had prisoner, leave for Landing of the King accompanied by Brienne to buy the freedom of Sansa and Arya. Robb will not take this decision well. The story had accumulated too many open fronts and did not advance between both character.

64 – Blood of my blood 6×06

Uncle Benjen rescues Bran and Meera in his escape from the Night King and informs young Stark that he is the new Three Eyed Raven. The chapter had little memorable to offer. He tried to compensate him with Benjen, who appears too suddenly and opportunely, and did not succeed.

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63 – Guardajuramentos 4×04

Daenerys takes Meereen with the help of the city’s slaves. Tyrion prepares to face his trial for the murder of Joffrey. In the north, Jon Snow plans to eliminate the mutineers in the Craster Tower. In short, nothing happened that we had not seen already.

62 – Valar Dohaeris 3×01

Jon meets the King-beyond-the-Wall and Daenerys leaves Qarth for the Bay of Slaves with the idea of ​​buying an army of Immaculate. Neither fu nor fa.

61 – Children of the Harpy 5×04

The Supreme Sparrow arrests Margaery’s brother, Ser Loras, for homosexual, to teach a lesson to Margaery, who now controls the will of King Tommen. This plot three seasons ago would have been an example of how to show the cruelty of a fictional universe. In season five we left a cold.

60 – Garden of bones 2×04

Joffrey gives free rein to his sadism by forcing a prostitute to hit another with his scepter for his rejoicing. There was no need.

59 – Kill the boy 5×05

Ramsay continues at Winterfell with Theon and Sansa. Jorah discovers that she has become infected with psoriagris. The script required a chapter to move chips on the board and this was the sacrifice.

58 – A man without honor 2×07

Jon and Ygritte are still intimate and she tries to convince the bastard that her life would be better with the savages. Daenerys has lost her dragons. And Bran, Osha, Rickon and Hodor flee Winterfell. All these plots continue as they are in the next chapter.

57 – Guardian 7×05

Jon and Drogon congenian. Bran warns about the arrival of the King of the Night. Daenerys and her dragons defeat soldiers of the Lannister and Tarly and burn Randyll and Dickon Tarly alive by not accepting to kneel before her. Very good the emotion of seeing that the plot is directed, faster and faster, towards the end. The chapter itself, less well.

56 – Laws of gods and men 4×06

The trial episode of Tyrion, in which despite everything he said, Cersei had planned everything so that his brother was found guilty of the murder of Joffrey. On the other hand, Yara tries to rescue her brother Theon, prisoner of Ramsay. He is saved by Tyrion’s monologue, which here had one of his great scenes. Peter Dinklage earned him an Emmy.


55 – The gift 5×07

Sansa wants to escape from Ramsay and asks Theon for help, but Theon will give her away. Jorah and Tyrion are sold by slavers as fighters in Meereen. Good.

54 – The Camino Real 1×02

Ned and his daughters accompany the royal retinue to the King’s Landing to occupy the position of Hand. Tyrion joins Jon on his way to the Wall and Catelyn takes care of his son Bran, unconscious after being pushed by Jaime from the top of a tower. After how impressive the pilot was, the series was forced to slow down their plots: necessary, but not fun.

53 – The coming wars 5×01

In a flashback, Cersei asks a witch about his future. Mance Ryder is killed by refusing to bow to Stannis. Well, okay.


52 – The bear and the maiden 3×07

Brienne has to face a bear. In addition, Ygritte and Jon begin to flirt and Tywin humiliates his grandson Joffrey. We do not remember anything very remarkable about this chapter.

51 – Lord Snow 1×03

While Jon Snow trains on the Wall, Ned Stark arrives at King’s Landing. Catelyn looks for the one who ordered the killing of his son Bran. And Daenerys discovers that she is pregnant with Khal Drogo. Seen in perspective, knowing everything that is going to happen, it is a juicy episode; Maybe it does not seem so much seeing it for the first time.

50 – The first of its name 4×05

Tommen Baratheon is crowned king. Sansa arrives at Nido de Águilas accompanied by Meñique and in the north, Jon fights the mutineers of Torreón de Craster. For a second, it is not very clear where the writers want to go after the Purple Wedding.

49 – On the side of the tip 1×08

Ned has been labeled a traitor to the crown and captured. Robb as he gathers an army in the north. And some men sent by the Lannister try to capture Arya, defended by her fencing master Syrio armed only with a wooden sword. There is no shortage of events, but it has been eclipsed by the chapter that follows, that of the execution of Ned Stark.

48 – What is dead can not die 2×03

Catelyn arrives at the Land of Storms. Theon continues in the Iron Islands and in Landing of the King the palatial intrigues remain. When in the summaries we put a lot of follow, keep and arrive, bad signal.

47 – The lands of the night 2×02

Theon returns to his house to reunite with his sister Yara. Daenerys tries to convince the Dothrakis that she can be the leader they need and Cersei tries to control King Joffrey. You have to be grateful with the filler chapters that know how to maintain some interest.

46 – Book of the unknown 6×04

Sansa (who arrives accompanied by Brienne and Podrick) and Jon meet at the Wall. She tries to recruit Jon to recover Winterfell, now in the hands of Ramsay. A letter from Ramsay saying he has Rickon in jail will help make the decision. No chapter with a Stark reunion after so many years can be a bad chapter.

45 – The Justice of the Queen 7×03

Episode of encounters: Daenerys and Jon; and reunions: Sansa and Bran. See what we said above.

44 – Black wings, black words 3×02

We know Olenna Tyrell, Margaery’s ingenious grandmother. In addition, we see Bran’s abilities to take control of other beings. They are two of the plots with more fans among the followers of the series.

43 – Two swords 4×01

Tywin fuses the Stark’s sword, Ice, and forges two new Valyrian steel swords. Tyrion and Bronn meet Prince Oberyn Martell de Dorne. We did not know then how much we would miss Tywin. All the bad guys are cool, but he’s more.

42 – Supreme Sparrow 5×03

Meñique convinces Sansa to marry Ramsay. Jon refuses to help Stannis in his fight for the North. Tommen and Margaery get married. And Jorah kidnaps Tyrion to take him with Daenerys.

41 – Dragonstone 7×01

After killing Walder Frey, Arya uses Frey’s face to poison the rest of his family. On her way, the young Stark meets a group of soldiers of the Lannister, among whom is the musician Ed Sheeran in a criticized cameo that, even so, did not manage to ruin a solid chapter.


40 – The red woman 6×01

We discovered that, indeed, Jon Snow died in the ambush of the previous season. And we did not know yet that in the next chapter this death would be undone. The arrival of Melisandre to the Wall, which ensures that Jon has seen fighting in Winterfell, was already beginning to give us a clue.

39 – The path of punishment 3×03

Jon is already among the savages, Sam meets Gilly, Ramsay Bolton goes into action and Daenerys is in the Bay of Slaves. The Boltons take Jaime and Brienne prisoners and, after trying to escape, Jaime ends up with one less hand. That was the moment when we saw that Jaime Lannister could be something more than the object of our hatred and desire.

38 – Born of the Storm 7×02

In Dragonstone, Daenerys begins to think about his conquest of Westeros. In Winterfell, Jon receives a message from Tyrion inviting him to Dragonstone. Arya sets course for Winterfell. And Euron and his Iron Fleet attacks Theon and Yara and takes Yara and Ellaria Arena hostage. Not only was the final battle spectacular; This chapter recalled that fillings can cause a powerful emotion: the promise that great things are coming.

37 – And now his guard has finished 3×04

They follow the machinations in Desembarco del Rey with Sansa, Joffrey and Meñique as protagonists. While Daenerys arrives at the place where he will exchange one of his dragons for an army of Immaculate with the slaver Kraznys. But after the exchange, with a “Dracarys” kills the slaveholder. For the uninitiated: this was Daenerys’ first Dracarys. The moment that generated a thousand fans, profile photos, gifs, memes …


36 – The second children 3×08

Tyrion and Sansa get married in King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Gendry arrives at Dragonstone and Daenerys meets with the mercenaries of the Second Children. At this point we had not seen so many weddings to be left cold and, besides, the chemistry between Tyrion and Sansa is special.

35 – The wolf and the lion 1×05

In Landing of the King they begin to fear that Daenerys and the Dothrakis decide to invade them. To prevent this, Robert orders Ned to murder Daenerys (who is pregnant) and Viserys. But Ned refuses and resigns his position as Mano del Rey. Meanwhile, Tyrion is captured by Catelyn Stark. Things start to happen.

34 – Cripples, bastards and broken things 1×04

Ned investigates the sudden death of his predecessor as King’s Hand, Jon Arryn. Meanwhile, Jon defends a new recruit at the Wall, Samwell Tarly.

33 – Perjuro 6×03

The chapter after Jon resuscitates and in which he executes the traitors, including the young Olly. After that, he resigns as Commander of the Night’s Watch. In Braavos, Arya continues with her training, abandons her identity and regains her sight. The phrase “My guard has finished” was one of the great moments of the series.

32 – Win or die 1×07

Although King Robert, who had just died, had left it in writing that Ned Stark should be the new king until Joffrey came of age, Cersei succeeded in getting his son recognized as the rightful heir to the throne. On the other hand, Khal Drogo decides to invade Poniente. Jon and Sam make their oath as members of the Night’s Watch. Generally everything that happens from the death of King Robert until the end of the first season, is interesting, but this chapter also crowns one of the great villains, Joffrey.


31 – The 3×06 ascent

Melisandre tells Arya her prophecy that she will forever close brown, blue and green eyes. The savages are preparing to ascend the Wall. The plot of the savages was not the best moment of this season, but the sum of Arya and Melisandre makes up for it.

30 – Valar Morghulis 2×10

After the victory of the Lannister on the troops of Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of Blackwater, Joffrey appoints Mano del Rey to his grandfather Tywin, in addition to agreeing to marry Margaery Tyrell and break his engagement with Sansa. Robb secretly marries Talisa instead of one of Walder Frey’s daughters. We all know how this will end.

29 – Nobody 6×08

The story of Arya in Braavos comes to an end (praised be the gods) after killing the Abandoned Girl and leaving the House of Black and White turned into a relentless murderer. While, in Landing of the King, Tommen puts date to the judgments of Loras Tyrell and Cersei.

28 – The watchers of the wall 4×09

Great confrontation between the Night’s Watch and the savages in the Black Castle. When Ygritte is about to kill Jon, he is killed by an arrow thrown by Olly (which will be the one that ends up finishing Jon at the end of the fifth season). The series was beginning to show that he knew how to combine the battle scenes with the dramas of each character.

27 – Winterfowl 8×01

Daenerys arrives at Winterfell with Jon, where she is received with coldness and resentment. Sam learns that his family died under the fire of Daenerys dragon. Cersei and Euron, more united than ever. The first chapter of each season is always the most ungrateful: he has to review past plots and pose future plots. But this one does it very well.

26 – The old and new gods 2×06

Tyrion slaps Joffrey (and they become a big meme). Theon Greyjoy takes Winterfell. In King’s Landing, the people are not happy with Joffrey’s way of reigning. Daenerys looks for a fleet to return with her army to Westeros. We repeat: Tyrion slaps Joffrey.

25 – A gold crown 1×06

Khal Drogo orders the execution, without blood, of Viserys Targaryen before the undaunted look of his sister Daenerys. They pour liquid gold on his head, as if it were a crown: one of the great visual metaphors of the series. Ned Stark has to rule while King Robert goes hunting.


24 – The north remembers 2×01

Tyrion arrives at King’s Landing to be Joffrey’s Hand. Stannis is running for the throne. The bastards of Robert Baratheon are murdered by order of Joffrey to prevent them from running as heirs. All that is to give a great enemy to the witty and loquacious Tyrion is good for the viewer.

23 – Mockingbird 4×07

Oberyn Martell offers to defend Tyrion in the trial for combat against the Mountain. Little finger kills Lysa Arryn after trying to end Sansa’s life. Arya and the Dog narrow their strange friendship.

22 – Kissed by the fire 3×05

Ygritte and Jon consume their love in a cave. Tywin announces the marriage between Tyrion and Sansa and Jaime reveals how he became the Kingslayer. The two great couples of this season (of the series perhaps) had their great show here.

21 – Children 4×10

A season finale in which many things happen: Tyrion kills Shae (strangled with his own hands) and Tywin (with a crossbow while sitting in the toilet). In addition, Bran knows the Raven of Three Eyes, Brienne leaves badly wounded to the Dog and Arya sets course to Braavos. You could say that it is a chapter that divides the series in two: from here the characters stop moving away and begin to meet in different combinations.

20 – Home 6×02

The chapter in which Jon Snow is resurrected after a spell by Melisandre, although it seemed that his magic had not worked. It was the resurrection that divided thousands of fans but that solved the great mystery that had flown during the months of absence of the series.


19 – Booty of war 7×04

The chapter ends with an excellent battle between Daenerys and Jaime in which he tries to kill the Mother of Dragons.

18 – Beyond the Wall 7×06

Another of the special effects displays of this series. Jon leads a group beyond the wall to capture a white walker and take him to Cersei. Daenerys loses one of her dragons.

17- The 8×05 bells

Daenerys destroys Landing of the King and its inhabitants despite the city’s surrender. Cersei and Jaime die under the rubble of the red fortress. Half of the followers of the series maintain that the chapter betrays much of what has been told so far. In this house we think not.

16 – The dragon and the wolf 7×07

Daenerys and Cersei know each other. Boom The second accepts to help in the fight against white walkers, although it is a lie. Boom It is finally revealed that Jon is a Targaryen and the legitimate heir to the throne. Boom Jon and Daenerys go to bed without knowing they are nephew and aunt. Boom Little finger dies executed at the hands of Arya in the Winterfell room before Sansa. Boom The King of the Night destroys the Ice Wall with the blue flames of Viserion. Only the argument justifies its presence so high in the list.

15 – Fire and Blood 1×10

Robb is named King in the North. And Daenerys stars in one of the most memorable moments of the series: when he gets into the funerary pyre of Khal Drogo to get away unscathed and with the three dragons that have come out of the eggs. It is the image that still defines what is Game of Thrones.

14 – The 6×05 gate

Bran discovers the origin of white walkers. Hodor dies saving Bran, and all the spectators saw how his heart was broken in a thousand small pieces at the same time that the origin of “hodor” is discovered and his death is shown. It still hurts.

13 – Mercy 5×10

Cersei travels through the streets of Desembarco del Rey humiliated (“shame, shame, shame …”) in a shuddering scene. Sansa flees from Winterfell with the help of Theon. Stannis dies at the hands of Brienne. The Dothrakis find Daenerys. A season finale full of essential events for the future.


12 – Dance of dragons 5×09

Jon arrives with the savages to the Wall, where the Guard looks at them with evil eyes. Daenerys disappears into her dragon after an attack by the Sons of the Harpy. But the most shocking part of the chapter was the sacrifice of Shireen, daughter of Stannis, at the stake. Their screams froze the blood of the spectators.

11 – The mountain and the viper 4×08

Ramsay stops being a bastard since his father legitimizes him as Bolton and leaves for Winterfell to take possession. Daenerys banishes Jorah as a spy and traitor. Sansa saves Meñique. Tyrion is condemned to death after losing Oberyn his duel with the Mountain. The supposed new hero of the plot ended up on the floor, with his rival’s thumbs in the bloody eye sockets and the skull burst. One of the great scenes of the series.

10 – The long night 8×03

The King of the Night and his army of white walkers attack Winterfell. When it seems that the victory is his, Arya kills with valyrio steel the King of the Night and ends the threat. The longest battle of the series (and the darkest) is the end of a conflict that had been flying over Westeros for a long time and resolves into a great combination of tension and terror.

9 – Knight of the seven kingdoms 8×02

The night before the great battle of Winterfell, everyone spends the hours as best they can to prepare for war. A moving chapter of characters that showed how each one sought those closest to him before facing the unknown. How many series can afford a break of an hour in which the plot barely moves and come out so graceful?

8 – Winter winds 6×10

Daenerys prepares to set sail for Westeros. Bran discovers part of Jon’s Targaryen secret. And Cersei takes revenge on the Supreme Sparrow by blowing the Great Sept through the air with many of his enemies inside. The beginning of the chapter, which leads to the great explosion of the Septo, with hardly any dialogue but where the soundtrack carries all the tension in a great crescendo, are among the best that the series has given.


3 – The lion and the rose 4×02

The wedding between Margaery and Joffrey ends with the murder of this one. Bran finds an Arcian tree in his path. On paper it was a very bad idea to repeat the coup d’état of another wedding with unexpected death, so soon after the Red Wedding. But the bet worked.


2 – Castamere rains 3×09

Daenerys plans the invasion of Yunkai. Jon, tested among the savages. But this episode will always be remembered for the Stark murders in the Red Wedding, one of the most shocking moments of television, recent and perhaps historic, and that had a huge impact on social networks and the relationship of viewers with the Serie.


1 – The battle of the bastards 6×09

Jon and Sansa, with the help of Meñique, recover Winterfell, which was in the hands of Ramsay Bolton. The Greyjoy join Daenerys and offer their fleet for the cause. The episode combines an excellent script with a magnificent technical execution and generates a tense atmosphere that, in addition, concluded with a very satisfactory death. What more could you want?

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