Nineteen ‘Game of Thrones’ mistakes


‘Game of thrones’ has been won by its own merits to be considered one of the best series of the last decade. However, this reputation has not freed HBO’s fiction from committing unobtrusive kits. In the image, Arya Stark in the penultimate chapter.

One who walks in jeans, another that was one-armed and appears with the hand intact, the famous glass of Starbucks, the head of Bush … In this fantastic series it’s not all flawless.

The Starbucks coffee from a scene of Game of Thrones is not the only error of the series most seen today. In the absence of an episode for its finale we compile the most amazing kits of the epic production. Starting with the penultimate episode, last Sunday …

1. A hand that grows miraculously

Jaime Lannister hugs his Cersei in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones in a promotional image of the episode. In the scene, the one hand miraculously grows the right hand that Vargo Hoat amputated in the third episode of the third season. Seriously?

Below, in a red circle, the hand of Jaime Lannister. We did not stay in that they cut it?

2. The strange coffee in a plastic cup

Still has not transcended who was the relaxing cup of coffee with milk from Starbucks that snuck into the 8×4 episode of Game of Thrones. In the midst of a somewhat relevant sequence – when Daenerys realizes with envy that everyone prefers Jon Snow as king – on the table, between the cups and metal plates, a plastic cup demands our attention. Although the heads of HBO joked that the Khaleesi preferred herbal tea and digitally erased the object (it will no longer be seen), carelessness quickly became a meme. Neglect? Or are we talking about an ingenious advertising campaign?

The famous Starbucks glass on the table.

3. The word “Sicansios” was not valyrio

Those who saw the series dubbed into Spanish were the first to raise the alarm. Dracarys! How is it possible that Davos spoke in high valyrio? In fact, to help Daenerys in the flight of his dragons – in the famous episode in the dark, the 8×3, in which HBO forgot to pay the electricity bill -, Davos raises a pair of torches as if he were in half of an airport, waving her arms to the cry of “She can not see us!” (“She can not see us!”).

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In the dubbing in Spain the phrase was translated so literally that neither Chiquito de la Calzada, resulting in the now famous word: “¡Sicansíos!”. How could such a nonsense be possible? According to the actor Juan Fernández, the fault was not the immediacy of the translation (to avoid piracy) or lack of resources, if not, as he explained in a tweet that he later deleted, from the script that reached them in which he did not It contained the phrase “can not see us” if not “the one I said” and they gave it as valid the translator, the director and the supervisor.

4. If the place does not exist, you invent it

Not as disdainful as the Spanish “sicansíos”, but just as disconcerting, was the dubious dialogue between Renly Baratheon and Catelyn Stark in episode 2×5 about the alliance between their houses. According to the negotiation, Renly explains that Robb Stark would thus obtain the southern lands of “Moat Catelyn”, when in fact Moat Cailin should have said, by the Cailin pit.

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Was the actor wrong, did the errata come from the factory, was it a way of telling the viewer that Renly was not predestined to rule the Seven Kingdoms? We will never know, but, just in case, karma returned it to the viewer when the ignorant character dies in the same scene.

Renly invents “Moat Catelyn” in the second 30 of the video.

5. The sword (rubber) of Jon Snow

The famous Battle of the Bastards promised to be the most during the sixth season of the series. The epic confrontation between the bloodthirsty Ramsay Bolton, who threatened Rickon Stark to attract Jon Snow to his field. It was a little frustrating that at such a remarkable moment, the hero climbed on his horse at full speed, causing the long sword that she wore sheathed and that was made no less than Valyrian steel to move more than a jelly dessert. The most horny fans came to call the Longclaw sword-in Spanish, literally “long claw” -the Longnoodle, literally “long noodle.”

Click here to see Jon Snow’s rubber sword.

6. Stannis’s computer

What would be Game of Thrones if there had been the mobile and the Internet connection. Imagination flies with an image of the 5×10 episode in which appears what appears to be a laptop charger under one of Stannis Baratheon’s legs, which lies badly wounded on the ground, leaning against a tree. If it is shocking that a glass of coffee can be sneaked into a scene, it is more delirious to see clearly the object in the promotional photo sent to the media. In the series they tried to hide it, but part of the power cable still sticks out. For more inri, as it happened with the dialogue immediately previous to the death of Renly Baratheon explained above, this sequence is significant because Stannis Baratheon is assassinated. Come on, it would not go unnoticed.

Under the Stannis right leg protrudes the cable and the charger of a laptop.

7. The necklace with powers of Melisandre (or not)

It was easy to fear the Red Woman, owner of the gift of resurrecting the dead (among them, Jon Snow). He seemed invincible, but his kryptonite twisted around his neck in the form of an elegant necklace with a ruby. In the sixth season (6×1) it was confirmed that, in case of getting rid of the accessory, Melisandre would age quickly until she died. However, in the fourth season, the sorceress took it off when taking a bath without changing its appearance in the least.

If he took off his collar, Melisandre died. As you see on the left, he does not wear it and is so happy.

8. What is left: whip or knife?

There are continuity errors and then there is this. In the sixth episode of the fifth season, Nymeria, one of the dangerous Sand Snakes, runs with a whip coiled in the right hand towards Myrcella. In the next shot, the whip has magically turned into a dagger with which he threatens Cersei’s daughter.

Click here to see the scourge of the whip.

9. Jon Snow’s naughty scar

His colleagues from the Night’s Watch stabbed Jon Snow to death at the end of the fifth season. Although the creators of the series said that the then bastard would not return, miraculously resurrected in the second episode of the sixth season. When later, in episode 7×6, she undresses in front of Daenerys, the mortal wound in the form of a half moon does not appear as such: she had changed slightly in form and had moved a few millimeters in her chest. Of course, due to the sexual encounter between these two, the slide honestly gave us the same.

John Snow’s wound changes mysteriously.

10. An extra in jeans

In the first episode of the series we were to something else, but, with the viewings of the fans that look with magnifying glass for any hidden track or errors that have gone unnoticed we find this little book discovered doing little. Behind Jaime Lannister is an extra (or someone on the team) wearing blue jeans. The joke is assured: is it a member of the Denim House, will it be confirmed that the Three Eyed Crow not only can see the future but can go through the sales before returning?

Click on the video to see the spontaneous sneaking in jeans on the scene.

11. A soldier who does not know

From the first season, when we do not know where they got the extras or did not repeat the scenes due to lack of budget, another momentazo to frame arises. The soldier of the episode 1×8 that must keep his sword, but it is stuck in front of the rogue look of Joffrey. Seen in perspective, his clumsiness is even endearing among both bloodthirsty without scruples.

12. The handkerchief dance of Tyrion

While Cersei reads the book to Tyrion, he plays with a napkin that is almost bigger than him and we can not take his eyes off when we see that he takes it off his neck not once but twice in a row.

In the second 5, Tyrion removes the handkerchief for the first time. In the second 12 he does it a second time.

13. The crazy titles of credit

The titles of Game of Thrones are a marvel, with the already iconic tune of Ramin Djwadi. While the camera crosses the map of Poniente and Essos, the creators interspersed in it small clues that anticipate some events, hence the intro has been varying throughout the seasons. However, in the original sequence of the first two episodes, because of the assembly or the rush, some symbols of the houses that appear next to the names of the actors are not correct. Sophie Turner (Sansa) appears as Targaryen when it is Stark; Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) as Lannister when she is Targaryen, and Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) as Stark, when she is Lannister. Oh, the rush …

In red circle one of the errors with the symbols of the houses of origin of the protagonists.

14. Disturbing disappearances

A classic game of thrones is the volatilization of some characters or things that were here, and now they are there, like the fly. The hand of Catelyn Stark that disappears in the episode 1×8 or, on the contrary, the blood of the sword that reappears in spite of being cleared (5×9) are mere anecdotes if we compare them with the powers that seem to have the Sons of the Harpy that in the fourth episode of the fifth season they die together with Barristan Selmy, but they disappear without us even realizing it.

Click here to see how Catelyn Stark’s hand disappears.

15. The Magic Wall

One of the most stormy romantic stories of Game of Thrones has been starring Jon Snow and the wild Ygritte (in real life, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been married). In the sixth episode of the third season, after managing to ascend through the implacable Wall that, shortly before, has cracked putting in danger their lives and those of Tormund and Orell, the couple moves away and gives a long kiss before the immensity of nature. The camera then moves away and ascends, showing the side of the Wall that they have climbed a few seconds ago. However, Tormund and Orell (who cares) have vanished for the sake of the romantic scene.

In minute two of the video, Jon and Ygritte begin to kiss and miraculously disappear from the Tormund and Orell scene.

16. The lack of memory is what has

In addition to the unusual café latte, in episode 8×4 we discovered that Jaime Lannister does not get the accounts. At one point, Lannister assures Brienne (who is in love with him), that he is not the good man she believes because “I strangled my cousin with my own hands” and did it to satisfy his beloved Cersei. The certain thing is that, although Jaime, indeed killed to Alton Lannister in the seventh episode of the second season, does not remember that it did it to blows. The one who died asphyxiated was one of the guards, but not the cousin.

At minute 2:32 of the video, Jaime confesses his crimes, where he escapes a strangulation that he did not commit.

17. Gendry forgets who he is

Although it seems incredible in the episode 8×5 there is still more. When Gendry, the lover of Arya Stark, he emphasizes his new position as newly appointed (by Daenerys) Storm’s End, and that, therefore, is no longer just “Gendry Rivers.” Rivers? As some fans pointed out, the right thing to do would be Gendry Mares, because in each region of the Seven Kingdoms, the bastard children are given a surname and Robert Bathareon’s bastard son would correspond to the Kingdom of Storms, that is, Mares (as that Ríos is awarded to the Kingdom of Islands and Rivers).

18. The crazy braids of Daenerys

The Mother of the Dragons takes care of her appearance by wearing elaborate braids that Nancy would like. In the eighth season, the Game of Thrones hairdressing department had a serious problem with impeccable pickups, but that, alas, changed continuously in the same sequence. Missandei returns!

The example that the braids of Daenerys change in a second.

19. Cut off his head … Bush!

Among all the possible celebrity cameos (there have been a few, from Tolkien’s great-grandson to singers like Ed Sheeran or members of Coldplay and Snow Patrol), the most striking is one for which the creators of the series had to apologize . During the first season, in a bloody scene between Joffrey and Sansa where several heads impaled on spears appear (among them, that of Ned Stark), one of them is that of former President George Bush. They argued that they had selected some prostheses randomly from the HBO warehouse, hence they assumed the error and erased the controversial decapitated head on the DVD.

As the creators recognized, the head of former president Bush (right) slipped into one of the episodes.
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