The best lesson of ‘Game of Thrones’ (beyond the cafe)


As in the series, the PP also fights against the external enemy before resuming its own.

We can break our heads to understand how a glass of Starbucks slipped this week in the medieval fantasy that has been trapping us for many years, but the important thing in the last chapters of Game of Thrones, as well as the whole series, is the message that the intelligent Tyrion Lannister leaves us in one of his lucubrations: we must win this war before resuming the one we waged among us.

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Two fictions compete these days to swallow us for a while and take us to better scenarios than life itself. Both have millions and millions of followers all over the world, in many cases both of them freak at the same time, because none is incompatible with each other. It is rare to find people who are not talking at this time about the fate of the Black Widow or Tony Stark, to mention the magnetism of Avengers: Endgame. Or do not do pools on who will reach the Iron Throne with the harsh certainty that only one or one can do it. But the Marvel superheroes and the creatures created by George R. R. Martin face the battle in two opposed ways, in fact: in the first case there are only good and bad. The good ones can be sad, suffer hardships and losses, but they know how to overcome and crush the enemy. We can trust that they will.

In the second case, however, in Game of Thrones, there may be bad bad, yes, but all good implies implicit contraindications for their rivals. Not everyone can win, that is the basis. In general, everyone will die. And only one can occupy the Throne, excluding all others, even though we have fallen in love with several. It is the greatest lesson of Game of Thrones, the one that brings this impressive fiction closer to the truth, besides death.

Today happens between the independentistas of Catalonia, between superpowers like China and EE UU, between those in favor and against the Brexit and, mainly, between the leaders of the PP, that seem to have entered their winter without guessing right to identify the enemy. As in the series, war is waged against the outside enemy to survive. But, once it is won and if not also, the war is concentrated in the enemy inside. What a bad favor. Can not anyone work so that we can all, if not share, at least live in the Throne? Some knew how to do it.

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