The harsh reality after ‘Game of Thrones’: how many of your actors will remain stars?


Winter also lurks the (uncertain) professional future of the HBO fiction cast. Who will survive the series and overcome the dreaded typecasting?

1 of 10 / Emilia Clarke – Although her leap to the field of film blockbusters in Star Wars and Terminator can not be described as successful, Clarke’s natural charm managed to turn a syrupy drama like Before you into an international ball. That only the elect achieve. (Un)Popularity meter: 1/5. The Mother of Dragons has the style and charisma necessary to establish herself as the new queen of the rom-com. Her next film, Last Christmas, can conquer the Christmas card – and without the need for an army of Dothrakis.

2 of 10/ Kit Harington – The emptiness in London’s project schedule is the best proof that not even Harington himself knows what the next step will be in a career that will always be marked by his first job as an actor, that of the honorable bastard. Staying on top is not easy, and their attempts at films like Pompeii have failed, but candidates for heroes always come in handy. Right, Marvel?
(Un)Popularity meter: 2’5 / 5. Like Jon Snow himself, we do not know anything either.

3 of 10 / Peter Dinklage – During the duration of his stage in fiction, Dinklage has managed to combine independent film with which he made a name in Hollywood (Three commercials in the outsiders) and appearances in blockbuster sagas as Avengers and X-Men. He has several works pending as a voice actor.

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(Un)Popularity meter: 4/5. Tyrion is an iconic role and overcoming the handicap of the shortage of roles for actors with dwarfism is not a simple task. His talent would well deserve it.

4 of 10 / Lena Headey – The British was one of the few familiar faces for the spectators in the first season of Game of Thrones and has pending release several films that will hardly enjoy space on the card. Like Dinklage, she has also found a professional outlet in the field of dubbing with several animation productions.
(Un)Popularity meter: 3/5. Probably we will never see it in a role as protagonist and mediatic as Cersei Lannister. Neither does he need to. That’s how big she is.

5 out of 10 / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – Starring in Brian De Palma’s new film would be the best news for any performer three decades ago, but in 2019 expectations about the thriller Domino are torn between pessimism and indifference. He also has several films filmed in his home country, Denmark.

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(Un)Popularity meter: 4’5 / 5. Jaime Lannister will force us to learn Danish if we want to follow in his footsteps. For him, whatever it takes.

6 of 10 / Maisie Williams – The heroic Arya Stark also debuted as an actress in Game of Thrones so, with no previous history to consult, it is almost impossible to predict if she has managed to carve a niche in the industry besides the one she already has in our hearts. Surely everything depends on the new mutants, his first approach to blockbuster cinema by the hand of the X-Men franchise, but whose premiere has been relegated by the studio and aims to defeat.
(Un)Popularity meter: 3/5. Maybe one day it will surprise us by making us forget Arya. Not today.

9 of 10 / Alfie Allen – The Londoner, Theon Greyjoy in fiction, has on his horizon one of the most stimulating future professionals of the entire cast. We will see him accompany Emma Thompson in the film adaptation of How to Become a Girl by Caitlin Moran, and in Jojo Rabbit, the highly anticipated satirical version of Adolf Hitler directed by Taika Waititi. (Un)Popularity meter: 1/5. Theon has given us many troubles, but Allen promises to give us many joys.

10 of 10 / Gwendoline Christie – Few better than her have managed to make profitable her media profile as Brienne of Tarth. His appearances in Star Wars, The Hunger Games or the Top of the Lake series have already earned him a stable position in Hollywood. Your future? The very stimulating The Personal History of David Copperfield, based on the novel by Dickens and directed by the great Armando Iannucci.
(Un)Popularity meter: 0/5. Christie is here to stay … and we can not be happier.

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