Why has sex disappeared in ‘Game of Thrones’?


It was one of the hallmarks of the series, used many times for free. But now Puritanism has taken hold.

When the actor Ian McShane missed a spoiler of Game of Thrones he did not understand the anger of the fans. “Go outside, buy yourself a fucking life. They are just tits and dragons, “wrote the English interpreter. But apparently McShane is not up to date with the series, because as the dragons have been disappearing (and the Lannister have been failing to be blond) have also vanished breasts. In the first season there were 33 nudes, in the eighth we took two (and only one chapter is missing). Winter has arrived in Poniente and its inhabitants have put on more layers of clothing, but why this attack of modesty?

In the 72 episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ we have seen 125 naked women (all of them thin) and only 24 men. In the background would be Shakespeare, but in the form was Pajares and Esteso

Since in the first episode Bran Stark caught Jaime Lannister making love with his twin sister Cersei, Game of Thrones made it clear that his eroticism would be more depraved than that of his contemporaries Rome, The Tudors or True Blood: The North remembers, the Lannister always pay their debts and any hole is trench. HBO had always included explicit sex and violence in their series (the rapes in Oz prison, the disastrous Sex and the City powder, the gangster meetings of The Sopranos in a strip club) simply because it could.

“In the 70s, film producers knew they had to give the public something they could not find on television,” film historian Matthew Sweet analyzes in The Guardian. He adds: “So they used to include nudity and violence in the first scene. It would be expected that HBO would get rid of those dictations, but it is not like that: they offer something that does not exist in general television. It may be high culture, but it looks scandalized just like that B-series cinema of the 70s. ” When it premiered, in 2011, many viewers took Game of Thrones as a porn version of The Lord of the Rings.

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The comedy show Saturday Night Live parodied the series with a sketch set in its script room, advised by an outgoing teenager. In an episode of the hooligan series animated South park entitled Song of ass and fire, a character asked the author of the novels, George R. R. Martin, the outcome of the saga and this guaranteed that “will be full of penises.”

The actor Jason Momoa (who played Khal Drogo in the series) said, jokingly, that his character spent more time naked than talking. Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon) confessed that he was not convinced “that aesthetic of German porn movie of the 70”. “Had it adapted to the cinema, its high budget would have required a qualification suitable for minors. And that means no sex, no blood, no swear words … “, clarified the creator of the series, David Benioff.

The excuses of David Benioff, the show’s originator, clarifying that he considers that scene of sex between Jaime and Cersei was consensual, perpetuating the sinister cultural notion that “no” means “keeps insisting”, only set the controversy on fire

The civilization that portrays Game of thrones, although its inhabitants have not noticed, is in a pure phase of decomposition. And the decadence of values added to the legal anarchy of war usually pushes human beings to vice. What is questionable is what the camera decided to show and what not: in theory, men and women should undress equally to abandon the fornicio. However, in the 72 episodes of Game of Thrones we have seen 125 naked women (all of them thin and with the pubis much more shaved than we would expect) and only 24 men. In the background it would be Shakespeare, but in the way it was Pajares and Esteso.

The specialized critic came to coin the term “sexposition” to define scenes in which a character was entangled in an informative monologue while several extras ran around naked in the background: Littlefinger explaining his past with Catelyn Stark while two prostitutes roll up in the background, Bronn preparing the strategy of the Battle of Blackwater using a prostitute as an armrest or Viserys Targaryen in the bathtub contextualizing the myth of the dragons to a prostitute who is excited by his narration. Is not a geek’s fantasy a horny woman before a tale of dragons?

There were also, yes, powders with a narrative sense. Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), the only protagonist in showing his penis (and we already know how that ended), described his multiple sexual scenes as “the only ones in which Theon has power and authority, unlike in the rest of his life ” Stannis and Melisandre practicing sex on a military map to conceive a murderous shadow, Jon Snow renouncing his celibacy with Igrid as in a ritual of deflowering with the spectators as pagan witnesses, or Jeoffrey torturing a woman with a crossbow to death. They all made sense in terms of exhibiting an evolution in their characters. After all, all the trouble that has kept us in suspense for nine years began with a rape (from Rhaegar Targaryen to Lyanna Stark) that turned out to be true love and complicated when a heater took Robb Stark to lose his head for Talisa Maegyr.

Far away is the decadent lifestyle of Tyrion in the first seasons of the series.

In the pilot episode, Khal Drogo raped Daenerys while she was crying at a beautiful sunset and nobody seemed unfazed even though in the books that intercourse is consensual. But when in 2014 Jaime raped his sister together with the corpse of his son in common despite her pleas (and when Cersei considers that something is immoral, it is absolutely true) and a year later Ramsay Bolton violated Sansa Stark on their wedding night the critics condemned the gratuity of both scenes.

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To begin with, none occurred in the novels, where Cersei accepts that sacrilegious dust and Bolton never marries Stark. The excuses of David Benioff, one of the creators of the series, clarifying that he considers that sex between Jaime and Cersei was consensual, perpetuating the sinister cultural notion that “no” means “keep insisting”, only set the controversy on fire. The most criticized was that narratively they were unnecessary: ​​the Lannister brothers have not talked about it again and their relationship has continued as normal (more or less), while the nuptial rape did not provide any information we did not know about Ramsay, Sansa or Theon , in whose expression of anguish the camera focused, taking away from Sansa even the option to star in his own tragedy.

“Rape and sexual violence have been part of all wars, from the Sumerians to the present,” George R. R. Martin justified The New York Times, “omitting them from a story about war and power would be false and dishonest. And it would neutralize one of the themes of the books: that the true horrors of human history do not come from orcs or dark knights, but from ourselves. ” However, neither the script nor the direction (only four episodes in the entire series have been directed by women) knew how to justify those scenes, turning them into exploitation, into reclamation and into free scandals.

Now sex is just a reward for the characters and, by extension, for the viewer. And since everyone is hooked, you no longer need to attract the audience with nudes

That violation of Khal Drogo did have narrative consequences: Daenerys later learned lovemaking (with the help of a prostitute, thus offering a ration of lesbian eroticism), the second sexual encounter required to do it in front to look into each other’s eyes and the third one was on top as a symbol of the subversion of power in that romantic-strategic alliance. Daenerys finished the season naked, yes, but now her body was a supernatural entity that had given birth to three dragons in the middle of a bonfire. By the time he slept with Jon Snow at the end of season 7, the camera was recreated in his ass.

Maybe Game of Thrones is set in an anarchic world with its own rules (or, rather, with a total absence of them), but it is written in this world. Specifically, 70 chapters written by men and three by women. And this world, ours, was shaken between season 6 and 7 by #MeToo, a collective awareness of sexual violence against women and a social conversation that was noted in the statistics: the sixth season included 22 nudes ( 20 of them female) and the seventh only six, three of them male.

And that’s how the parity came to Westeros. HBO even hired an “intimacy coordinator”, Alicia Rodis, who supervises the filming of sex scenes in the series of the chain to protect the actresses physically (it provides them with water, knees or lubricant), socially (communicates to the director if the actress is uncomfortable) and professionally (negotiates in her name what she is and is not willing to do).

This last season has had three coitus: Jaime and Brienne (filmed as a pink novel by Corin Tellado), Arya and Gendry (which, despite the fact that the actress is 21 years old, many considered disturbing to feel as if they were watching her sister small to lose the virginity) and the only one in which meat has been seen: Bronn with two prostitutes, perhaps a nod to the libertine breast of the first seasons, frustrated by the appearance of Tyrion. Because, as has happened in the series, it seems that in Poniente it is not well seen to wallow at ease. Now sex is just a reward for the characters and, by extension, for the viewer. And since everyone is hooked, there is no need to attract the audience with nudity.

Game of thrones has gone from being a series broadcast by a channel without taboos to the most massive cultural product of the decade. And that only means becoming conservative both in the dialogues (which have become simpler, perhaps fearful of being too dense) and in the violence (the plane of the beheading of Misandei would have been much more bloody than having been shot in the first seasons) and in sex (Tyrion has not had sex since he became honest).

And by becoming a phenomenon for the masses, Game of Thrones has been approaching Disney. In the Marvel movies, the canon of current popular culture, the superheroes have no sexual instinct: Captain America’s love for agent Carter is pure and Tony Stark was only promiscuous at the beginning of Iron Man to represent his style of decadent life, like Tyrion in the first two seasons. As he assumed his role as hero, Tony Stark retreated into a monogamous and asexual relationship with his assistant. Game of thrones premiered in a different world from the one that now sees her finish and, simply, has run out of excuses to get breasts without coming to mind.

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