They train dogs to be able to detect people infected with coronavirus

  • They could in six weeks be ready to provide a quick and non-invasive diagnosis
  • Dogs will be able to examine people, even if they have no symptoms, and alert if necessary to test them

A group of researchers are already working together with an association to train dogs to detect people infected with the coronavirus. The goal is that in six weeks, animals are prepared to detect Covid-19 even in people with no symptoms.

The Medical Detection Dogs, with experience in training dogs capable of detecting cancer, work with researchers from the University of Durham and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) so that after the preparation the dogs can make a quick diagnosis and not invasive.

“We have begun preparations to intensively train dogs to be ready within six weeks to provide a quick and non-invasive diagnosis,” the organization Medical Detection Dogs said in a statement.

The association, which has trained dogs to detect cancer, parkinson’s and infectious diseases, consider that once borders between countries are open, dogs could be of great use in detecting the coronavirus at airports, schools and mass activities.

Dogs could sniff up to 750 people per hour and thereby prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This non-invasive mechanism for humans is also something to consider, a quick and inexpensive test, according to Claire Guest, Counselor at Medical Detection Dogs.

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