Every pregnancy needs its series


At five in the morning, when the terror for what I had to come invaded me and the mind asked me to put order in the seventh drawer of clothes, I started another chapter of ‘Sex in New York’

They were moments of maximum happiness. Not of those that mark your life, but of those that you remember because you were plethoric: Belgian chocolate ice cream with nuggets, sofa, horizontal posture, eight month belly, kilos and kilos on the body … and that music that I accompanied, the melody of Sex in New York. Carrie Bradshaw made me forget about the nest syndrome – an uncontrollable need to clean, order … Marie Kondo -, the basket and the contractions of Braxton Hicks. In fact, I even limited visits, stressing that the doctor recommended rest. I bought his six seasons on DVD and swallowed one chapter after another until the day of giving birth arrived. At five in the morning, when the terror for what I had to come invaded me and my mind asked me to put order in the seventh drawer of clothes, I started another chapter of Sex in New York.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker — Oh, 1965—) marked many like me, with hormones through the clouds — in my case for my first pregnancy — especially for her large closet (everything fit her well), for her long list of manolos (shoes) that looked stylish, for copious snacks with cup cakes and farras with their best friends – always ready to help – and for their recurring love with Mister Big. They, the girls, showed that men were not necessary to have a good time. And that helped the series a lot, as well as talking about things like cancer or abortions.

I am not alone in the passion for this series in writing. Almost without asking, my tablemate, Jordi, begins to recite a dialogue from the last to last chapter of the last season. I realize that he knows much more than me. In Splat !, Carrie goes to a party with her partner (the French painter) and meets Lexi Featherston, an old friend she dated. At one point in the series in which the four friends have left behind much of the life of the first seasons (sex, party, hedonism …), Lexi (40 years) is the example of the one that has stayed, anchored in the past, trapped in the nostalgia of what was and is no longer. “I liked it because I laughed a lot. It’s like a moral of the series: Sex in New York. Yes, but not all my life with the same rhythm (even Samantha ends up with a boyfriend!), ”Explains my partner.

Something more than 20 years later, the trail of this series remains on the Internet. Coinciding with their anniversary, at Vanity Fair they wrote an article ordering the chapters from worst to best. I applaud above all the best, “the idea that Carrie’s final choice is not so much between two men as between two cities is a success.” I was not the only one who later traveled to New York and passed through some of the places on the route already blessed by the series, such as waiting for a table at the Tao Asian restaurant.

Some time later, with the girl already running, I learned that not everything was so sweet. Jessica Parker confessed that she did not feel identified with her. That was the first ax. “It’s understandable that people think that I look a lot like Carrie Bradshaw, but we only share the affection and love for New York City. All the decisions she has made are totally different from the ones I would have made: her relationship with men, with money, fashion, shoes, her friends … ”, affirmed actress Parker in an interview with EL PAÍS . Then came the confession. Kim Cattrall, Samantha, and Carrie can’t even see each other. After Cattrall announced the death of his brother Chris one day in 2018, Parker sent him a kind message of sympathy through the networks. The reaction of the first was hostile: “Let me make this very clear to you (if I have not done so already): you are not my family. You’re not my friend”.

Luckily, by then I was expecting another girl, I had another series underway that opened another world to me and convinced me that my true vocation was not in the blank pages but in the operating rooms: and so I began Grey’s Anatomy.


1.- Year of release and origin. The American television series Sex and the City, based on Candace Bushnell’s book, premiered on the HBO platform on June 6, 1998, and the last chapter aired in February 2004.

2.- Actors / actresses protagonist. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker); Charlotte York (Kristin Davis); Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon); Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) and John James Preston, Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

3.- Age to see it and situation. 31 years. I saw her alone.

4.- The best scene. All those in which Carrie raises her hand and asks for a taxi in New York City, a gesture that is repeated several times throughout the series. Samantha’s speech about cancer.

5.- What series are you watching now. I have finished The paper house, I start with Big little Lies and always in the background, in my lowest days, the new chapters of the 15th season of Grey’s Anatomy.


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