11 restaurants in New York to eat as the protagonists of the series ‘Billions’


From an exclusive sushi bar to the popular Katz’s dining room, a delicious route for seriéfilos and ‘foodies’ by the Big Apple.

Nobody said that New York was a city for all budgets, but its style is undeniable. The title of the series Billions, whose fourth season is being broadcast in Spain, gives a clue of what it means to sit down and taste the delicacies served by the restaurants that host, in fiction, various encounters between some of its characters.

Restaurants from series “Billions”

We visited 11 of them, of spectrum (and price) as diverse as a refined sushi bar or the popular Katz’s dining room, possibly the most famous deli in the American city.

1 The Pool

Seagram Building (99 E 52nd St)

Its name responds to the pool that is in the middle of the premises, located in what was for a time the Four Seasons restaurant, in the Seagram Building, designed by Mies Van der Rohe. In the mythical restaurant where J. F. Kennedy celebrated his 45th birthday, brokers, executives and celebrities used to meet, and it went out to auction in 2016. The City Landmark seal protected the premises and in its reopening the carpet was only allowed to be changed. On it, current customers enjoy Hokkaido scallops and caviar. They do not accept payment in cash.

The Pool restaurant

2 Keen’s Steakhouse

72 W 36th St

One of the favorites for lovers of good meat, and the history that hangs on its walls. Up to 50,000 smoking pipes await the entrance to this steakhouse opened in 1885 (in another location, in Herald Square) that holds the title of the second oldest meat restaurant in New York. The owners of the pipes were members of the Pipe Club (to which personalities such as Roosevelt or Einstein belonged). Those who know recommend not to go without asking for Mutton Chop (a way of cooking leg of lamb, sometimes boneless).

Keens Steakhouse resaturant
Diners in the Lincoln Lounge at Keen’s Steakhouse in New York.

3 Barney Greengrass

541 Amsterdam Avenue

It is a deli specialized in smoked fish. The salmon pastrami is a real discovery and the bakery, which is very popular among New Yorkers, has affordable prices (a bit high, of course, for a deli). The original store opened as a store in 1908 in Harlem (113st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue); in 1929 they moved to the current location (541 Amsterdam Avenue) and in 1938 they opened the restaurant area.

Barney Greengrass restaurant
Counter of Barney Greengrass, in New York.

4 Momofuku Ko

8 Extra Place (off 1st Street, between 2nd Avenue and Bowery)

They say that everything Chef Max Ng plays makes him gold. In the series you can see two of its premises, Ko and Ssäm. Ssäm Bar (207 2nd Ave, 10003) opened in the East Village in 2006. Good (and expensive) option for brunch and for dinner. The most popular dishes are those cooked with pork and the wines to pair it: Gamay (red) and Riesling (white).

The restaurant Ko follows the Japanese kaiseki tradition and cooks seasonal ingredients. By the way, Momofuku Andō (whose name inspires this group of restaurants) was the Taiwanese-Japanese who created the instant soup of ramen during World War II.

Momofuku Ko restaurant
Ko restaurant bar, in New York

5 Katz’s

205 E Houston St

It is one of the most famous delis in New York. One of the things you have to ask for yes or yes is the pastrami sandwich. Go, eat it and take a picture is a classic, how to immortalize before the bull of Wall Street. You can also buy and carry.

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Katz’s was born in a small place in Ludlow Street, on the Lower East Side, under the name of Iceland Brothers in 1888; in 1903 it changed to Iceland & Katz, and adopted its definitive mark when few years later the business moved to its current location.

Katzs restaurant
Katz’s classic pastrami sandwich in New York

6 Peking Duck House

236 E 53rd St

It is said of this place that the Asian population that lives in the Big Apple orders closed menus here for family events, because their Pekingese duck is like the one that is eaten in China.

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For those who do not understand so much, the menu offers other succulent dishes, such as scallops and fried calamari. Two locations: one in Midtown (28 Mott St) and another in Chinatown, which is what appears in the Billions series.

Peking Duck House restaurant

7 Sushi Nakazawa

23 Commerce St

It is considered one of the best sushi places in the Big Apple. But you should ask and know the price of your famous omakase before ordering it: the chef, at the price he estimates (can be around 200 euros per person), prepares what he considers for each client.

Sushi Nakazawa restaurant
Restaurant bar Nakazawa Sushi, in New York

8 Ghenet

348 Douglass St, Brooklyn

It is a simple Ethiopian restaurant with meat dishes and chicken seasoned in onion sauce. But the neighbors of Brooklyn consider it also one of the best vegetarians in the area, for its mushrooms in berbere sauce (chili powder and fenugreek, seasoned with salt, pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper) and with carrots. Suggestion: try the Ethiopian beer.

Ghenet restaurant

9 Peter Luger

178 Broadway, in Brooklyn

This well-known Brooklyn steakhouse is not suitable for impatient people; getting a table can take weeks (and with a reservation for two months later); the phone always communicates. Maybe it’s because the New York gastronomic critic usually puts it in a very good place. The premises, born in 1887 with bowling, billiards and coffee, burned and reopened in 1986, but kept the Germanic air of the first owners.

Peter Luger restaurant
Exterior of the Peter Luger restaurant in Brooklyn

10 Tide

240 Central Park S

Two Michelin stars endorse this restaurant near Central Park. Italian tradition, usually attract tourists who move nearby. Its seafood and fish are among the most recommended on the menu. Also striking is their mushroom risotto and squid paste. And its desserts, among which is the orange sorbet and the cheesecake. They have an extensive wine and whiskey list.

marea restaurant

11 E.A.T.

1064 Madison Ave

And among the prohibitive restaurants that appear in Billions, is this: E.A.T., on the Upper East Side, where the famous Babel Tower sandwich, cream cheese, saloon and chives are served. Despite not being too cheap (and many diners complain that rations are scarce), it is a delicious (and comforting) stop after visiting the Metropolitan Museum (MET).

EAT restaurant
Interior of the E.A.T. Cafe in New York
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