Three minors die in New York of a mysterious disease that doctors associate with the coronavirus


The patients tested positive for covid and were admitted with symptoms such as inflammation of the blood vessels and heart problems, which have been diagnosed in 73 other children in the State.

Three minors have died in New York State of what doctors believe to be a complication of the coronavirus infection, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Saturday. The symptoms, which have been diagnosed in at least 73 other minors in the State, include inflammation in the blood vessels and heart problems, and resemble those of Kawasaki disease, which affects nearly 3,000 American children each year. , especially to children under six years of age.

Cuomo explained that the three minors, ages five and seven and one teenager, had tested positive for covid-19 or its antibodies, but did not show the usual symptoms of the disease when they were hospitalized. There is no conclusive evidence that the virus was the cause of the mysterious syndrome that caused the death of the minors, residents of three different counties in the State (Wenchester, Suffolk and New York City).

“The disease has taken the lives of three young New Yorkers. This is new. This is in development, “said Cuomo. “It is the last thing we need now, with everything that is happening, with all the anxiety that we have, that parents have to worry about whether their little ones are infected.”

Until now, children have generally been spared covid-19, the disease that causes the cov-SARS-2 coronavirus. They can catch the virus, although very often they are asymptomatic. But in other states of the country, and also in Europe, there have been minors admitted with the same symptoms as those that led to the hospitalization of the three deceased in New York. Cuomo asked parents to be vigilant if they detect symptoms in their children such as prolonged fever, acute abdominal pain, changes in skin color or accelerated heart rate. The governor said that state authorities are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to find out if the same disease has affected children with the coronavirus before. “It is very possible that this has happened for weeks and has not been diagnosed as being related to covid,” Cuomo said.

New York is the state hardest hit by the pandemic. It concentrates more than 338,000 confirmed cases, almost a quarter of the country’s total, and more than 26,500 people have died with the coronavirus. The rate of new infections and deaths, however, has been decreasing in recent weeks, as new outbreaks emerge in a country where the pandemic has claimed more than 78,700 lives.


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