The last and ecological will of Luke Perry


The actor of ‘Sensación de vivir’ wanted to be buried with a biodegradable suit, created from a type of fungus, which helps transform bodies into nutrients for the earth.

Luke Perry would probably think that there was plenty of time left for his heirs to fulfill their last wishes when he expressed how he wanted to be buried, but a stroke surprised him at 52 years old last March while he was at home. On day 5, just a few days after the vascular accident, the actor who played Dylan in the series Sensación de vivir (Beverly Hills, 90210) and became one of the most famous faces of television in the nineties, died in a St. Joseph hospital in Burbank, California.

Biodegradable suit

This week her daughter Sophie Perry has revealed some details of how she wanted her farewell to be and in her it included the way she wanted to be buried: without caskets, with a special outfit made by a company committed to the environment, manufactured with a type of mushrooms that guarantees sustainability and that shows the interest and respect that the environmental future had for the well-known actor.

Biodegradable suit

This is how her daughter explained in her Instagram account an image of some mushrooms that she photographed during a getaway with friends in the Armstrong Redwoods nature reserve in California. The photograph was accompanied by a text explaining the relationship he had with the disappearance of his father: “In December I went to San Francisco with two of my best friends, one of them had never been to California, so we went to teach him Redwoods I took this picture while we were there because I thought they were beautiful, now the mushrooms have a completely new meaning for me.”

The text continued explaining that no matter how much explanation he gave, it would not be enough to do justice to the genius who invented a suit made with a type of mushroom and designed to offer an alternative option to traditional burials. He emphasized that it was a choice that took into account the environment and that one could search in an Internet address:

But the most curious thing has been that with this post the daughter of Luke Perry has discovered the environmental concerns of his father, because the mushroom suit was one of the requirements that expressly reflected in his last wills. “My father discovered it and was more excited about this than I had ever seen him,” explains Sophie Perry. “He was buried with that suit, it was one of his last wishes, it’s really something beautiful for this wonderful planet and I want to share it with you,” he finished explaining in his publication.

The suit has been baptized with the name of Infinity Burial Suit and it is a totally biodegradable garment. As explained on its website, the new shroud is made with a mixture of fungi and other microorganisms that facilitate the decomposition of the body and transmit nutrients to the soil and consequences for plants.

The publicity of the ecological mortuary suit makes it very clear: “The result of being buried with the Infinity Burial Suit is that the bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster a new life”. An idea that captivated Luke Perry and that he wanted for his final goodbye of his earthly existence.

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