Doncic, x-ray of a ‘gamer’


The story of an irrepressible hatching, from the cement court next to the family home in Ljubljana, to the parquet and lights of the United Center in Chicago where the All Star played in February

Just a week ago it was five years since Luka Doncic’s official debut with Real Madrid. At 16 years and two months old, on April 30, 2015, the Slovenian became the youngest rookie in the history of the white club. A few seconds on the track was enough to score his first triple, from the corner and a pass from Chacho. The journey into the elite of a perfect genius prototype had just begun.

An irrepressible hatching that the Extremaduran journalist Javier Ortiz has detailed in the book Luka Doncic. A gamer is born (JC editions). From the concrete court next to the family home in Ljubljana, to the parquet and the spotlights of the United Center in Chicago, where he played in February the All Star, the tribute to his idol Kobe Bryant. The first biography of the European player with the most triumphant entry in the NBA.

To get to Doncic’s collection of milestones in basketball mecca, the play goes back to its link, between genetic and innate, with the game. To the boy to whom all training at the Olympia was few, the jewel that landed in Madrid in December 2011, at the age of 12, and grew up, between stealthy and voracious, to become an icon of the Laso team. He closed his Madrid stage in June 2018, with another memorable triple, this time in Vitoria, one legged, the poster of another league conquest. And he flew off to the draft. In the suitcase he wore a formal suit to look elegant at the gala; and in the curriculum, a Eurobasket with Slovenia, a Euroleague, an Intercontinental, three Leagues and two Cups in 216 matches with Madrid and a handful of glossy mvp awards.

An open story, only interrupted by the pandemic, but already full of praise from colleagues, rivals, coaches … “Scores, rebounds, gives assists, plays one on one … He does everything. Due to maturity and intelligence, he seems 10 years older than his age ”, defines Dejan Bodiroga. “It is not Magic, but it has the vision on the track that Magic had. That cannot be taught. It’s very intuitive, “said Gregg Popovich. “It sets its rhythm every night. He is going to be a star ”, sentenced Stephen Curry. They are some of the testimonies collected on the radiography of a gamer called to mark an era.

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