The most frustrating year for Serena Williams

Serena Williams after retiring in the Toronto final on August 11

The injuries and nerves take a toll on the tennis player on and off the track after returning to the tournaments and having confessed that he was on the verge of death after the birth of his only daughter

Serena Williams has been educated to win and her injuries and nerves are taking its toll on the track and out of it. Despite her multiple triumphs, of being at the gates of making history in women’s tennis, of living as the star she has become, of being married to Alexis Ohanian – one of the gurus of social networks – and of having With him a one-year-old girl who has filled them with happiness, the tennis player goes through one of her most erratic years and does not hide the unease that it produces.

On August 11, the tennis player reached the final of the Toronto tournament against Bianca Andreescu, number 27 of the world, but at 19 minutes of the game and when she lost 1-3, she retired injured and collapsed before a crowded track of fans who had come to witness a game that was predicted simple for her. Williams broke down and sat down, cried in front of everyone. Her opponent came to comfort her, hugged her and declared her admiration with words that left no room for doubt: “I have followed your entire career, you are a fucking beast,” Andreescu told him. But Serena was not able to compose herself when she picked up the microphone to apologize to the public: “I am very sad to retire because this is one of the tournaments that I love to play,” he said, wiping away his tears. “I tried everything to be prepared to play, and I was hopeful after my workouts, but my back is still not right.”

That time it was her back but throughout the spring her left knee forced her to withdraw from three tournaments, and the defeat at the Wimbledon final in July – she lost to Simona Halep in just 56 minutes – still weighs on her memory. After her pregnancy and the complications that put her on the verge of death – she suffered a pulmonary embolism – she returned to play only to reach the Olympus of 24 victories in Grand Slams held by the Australian Margaret Court. But she escapes.

A little more than a month after turning 38, the self-imposed pressure to achieve the record turns against the athlete. Nerves and his tendency to drama – also to feminist vindication – have made him make mistakes like the harsh words he addressed to the referee during the final of the last US Open: “You are a liar and a thief! It’s because I am a woman and you know it! ”, He said when he sanctioned her for communicating with his bench. Next Saturday the tennis player is expected in the new edition of this tournament and she does not know if she will be able to keep her character at bay so that she does not weigh even more than her injuries.

The endurance and control capacity forges the champions in the world of sport and Serena has proven that it is numerous times. But you also have to keep in mind that her father raised them, her and her sister Venus, to be successful on the track. It is not worth what has been achieved so far, it is not enough to be the two highest black tennis players in the history of tennis. His father followed a millimeter plan for them since they were four years old and it is difficult to get rid of that way of coping with life, although he has not directed them for a long time. Richard Williams had a plan and did not stop until he succeeded. Serena also has it and, unless the physicist plays a trick on her, there will also be nothing to stop her until she breaks the Court record.

Meanwhile, his family life seems to develop serenely within gravity, because his mood on the track certainly does not stay in it because of many crowds and smiles that his daughter, Alexis Olympia, who was born in September 2017. The world learned about the pregnancy of the tennis player at twenty weeks of gestation, when she herself unintentionally published it on the Snapchat network by hitting the wrong button. The athlete is married to Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit and who is dedicated to investing and advising startups and whose assets are estimated to exceed $ 86 million.

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