Samsung delays the launch of the Galaxy Fold around the world


Several American journalists have detected failures in the screen of the folding mobile.

Тhe Samsung Galaxy Fold is here!? Or not!

Samsung has delayed the launch of its new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as has been advanced by The Wall Street Journal. This decision comes only a few days after several American journalists have had problems with the screens of smartphones loaned by the South Korean manufacturer. Samsung intended to take out its first mobile phone for sale in several countries in Europe, on May 3. In the United States and Korea, the Galaxy Fold had planned its commercial premiere this week. The company will announce in the coming weeks the new official launch date of the device.

The South Korean brand has decided to postpone the launch to analyze in detail the comments of journalists who have already tested the device and perform more internal tests. “Many of the people who have tried this new device have highlighted its great potential but some have also indicated that it needs some additional improvements to ensure the best possible user experience,” says the company.

Failures in the screens of some devices could be due to impacts in the most exposed areas of the hinge, in its top and bottom, as explained in a statement. In one case, the company has found substances within the device that have affected the performance of the screen. “We are going to adopt the appropriate measures to reinforce the protection of the screen and we will improve the guide on the care and use of the same, including the protective layer, so that our clients obtain the maximum performance of their Galaxy Fold”, Samsung has affirmed.

History repeats itself

The history of the Galaxy Note 7 is repeated. It is not the first time that Samsung is facing a public problem of quality of its devices. In October 2016, the South Korean manufacturer was forced to announce the end of the production and sale of the Galaxy Note 7, which was then its high-end flagship. The company withdrew more than three million devices from ten markets when the first complaints came in September 2016 that lithium batteries exploded or caught fire. As a result of the crisis, Samsung recorded losses of more than 5,000 million dollars, and lost 15,000 million dollars of its value in the stock market.

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