194 protesters detained in Moscow in a new protest to demand free elections


Opposition leader Lyubov Sobol has been arrested while driving in a taxi to the concentration

194 people have been arrested this Saturday in the unauthorized demonstration that has been convened in Moscow to demand free elections, as reported by the NGO OVD-info. Among them is the opposition leader Lyubov Sobol who was arrested while driving in a taxi to the protest.

Sobo, a lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Fund, to which the electoral authorities denied the registration of his candidacy, has been on hunger strike for 20 days to demand the registration of his candidacy.

According to the police, until 14.30 local time a total of 30 people had been arrested for “altering public order” at the demonstration, which had brought together “350 people.”

In the Trúbnaya square, where a couple of hundred people had gathered, riot forces began arresting protesters after calling for loudspeakers not to obstruct the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

The Muscovite authorities deployed a large police device, including the use of helicopters, to prevent the opposition demonstration, convened in the Ring of the Boulevard, which practically circles the center of Moscow.

The unauthorized demonstration on Saturday is the first after last Saturday, convened for the same reason and was violently dissolved by the police. On that day, more than a thousand people were arrested, including almost all the leaders who called the protest and then were sentenced to various administrative detention sentences.

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