A doctor stopping traffic becomes the image of what is happening in the United States


The United States leads the sad list of countries affected by the coronavirus, with more than 777,000 infected and more than 41,000 people dead throughout the territory.

Despite this horrible panorama, thousands of people have taken to the North American streets to ask for the release of the confinement and for the country’s economy to be reopened. It seems that they do not care that the dead continue to fill the morgues, people ask to leave, among others. things to surf, because they are in a free country, many of them assure, with weapons in their belts.

Among the protests, are the toilets, those people who risk their lives day by day and see the harsh reality of what the coronavirus can do to people, who ask the population to stay at home. Such as the case of a sanitary in Denver, who decided to get in the middle of a protest to push protesters back.

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