All the horror of Mexico is concentrated in a street in Michoacán

Police officers stand guard as they carry out inspections at a checkpoint after 13 people were killed in battles between rival gangs in two states in central and western Mexico, in Uruapan, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, September 13, 2017.

The authorities locate 19 bodies in Uruapan, some hanging from a bridge, others dismembered. The prosecutor talks about a fight between criminal gangs

All the horror that Mexico has experienced in these years of violence has concentrated this morning on a street in the State of Michoacán (west of the country). The industrial boulevard of the municipality of Uruapan has dawned sown with corpses, some chopped, others hung on a bridge, the rest pulled … Up to 19 bodies have raised the authorities in just three kilometers of asphalt. One of the main roads of Uruapan, the Industrial Boulevard connects the center of the municipality with the highway that goes to Morelia, the state capital.

In a message of just six minutes, the prosecutor of Michoacán, Adrián López, reported Thursday that agents of the corporation have first reached the intersection of the boulevard with the eastern liberation, where they have found nine bodies, seven of men and two of Woman, some hanging on a bridge. In the photographs published by local reporters a banner with a message is observed. At the end of the message appear an acronym, CJNG, Jalisco New Generation Poster.

At the same time, another group of agents has moved a few kilometers towards the exit to Morelia. Next to another bridge, the prosecutor said, “the fragmented remains of six men and one woman were found.” While the experts analyzed both scenes, the prosecution has received “news of another finding.” Three more bodies, also close to the boulevard.

After reading his statement, Prosecutor López has allowed three questions. The second, concise, seemed more like a call for help: “Prosecutor, what happens in Uruapan?” The answer: “There is a struggle between cells that dispute the territory to control activities related to the production, distribution and consumption of drugs. That confrontation results in events like today.”

Elected by Congress in February, the prosecutor has lived pending Uruapan since then. Just three days after his appointment, three canvases appeared in Uruapan, all three with messages for the head of the investigating agency. According to the newspaper Reforma, one of them said this: “Mr. Prosecutor Adrián López, we make your knowledge, and so that you can do an effective job and not stain the Prosecutor’s Office, you should know that Félix Hernández chilangos known as” Stuffed Chilito ” , the Regional Arturo Martínez and Elías are nothing more than blunders that receive money from “Los Viagras.” The CJNG leader, Nemesio Oseguera, was supposedly signed.

In April, a shooting in the municipality left at least four dead and eight injured. Several of the dead and wounded were victims of lost bullets. In May, Uruapan made headlines again when authorities found the bodies of ten people, apparently victims of a clash between criminal gangs.

Since taking office, prosecutor López has insisted that there is a struggle between rival groups, but that these groups are unstable and use brands that have little to do with them. In May, he said: “There is a mechanism of instability in the conformation of these groups, so that at one time they call themselves in a way, at another time those same subjects already belong to another band, that is, we are not in presence of stable institutional brands “. This Thursday, asked by reporters, he said that there is a “struggle between cells that are attributed to belonging to certain criminal gangs.”

Before the appearance of the last major drug brand, the CJNG, or the rebound of an old local brand, The Viagras, The Knights Templar and the Michoacan Family already claimed their space in Uruapan. At least that’s what the authorities said. Many times there is reference to an event that occurred there more than twelve years ago, such as the prologue of the war to drug trafficking groups launched by former president Felipe Calderón. It was in September 2006, months before his inauguration. One night, in a bar near Industrial Boulevard, the Sun and Shadow, someone threw five human heads. Three months later, Calderón, from Michoacán, began operations with the Army precisely in his home state.

Whatever it is, the truth is that Uruapan is unstable territory, victim of extortion and theft. Nothing different from what happens in municipalities in most states of the country. Not for nothing, Mexico ended last year with more than 35,000 murders and a rate of 29 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest since there are records.

Narco … and avocado

Beyond the drug, Uruapan is the great capital of the avocado of Michoacán. There, the main marketing companies of a business that generates 2.5 billion dollars a year have been established, only in exports to the United States.

Many businessmen then denounced that extortion was an increasingly serious problem. Gabriel Villaseñor, president of the avocado employer, told in an interview that robberies, assaults and murders were increasing. For a while now, Villaseñor lives with bodyguards.

Although he has not pointed directly to the industry, Prosecutor López has said that “Uruapan is a population with an important productive capacity, which makes it attractive to criminals.”

After the discovery of the dawn, federal and local authorities have besieged the city. 220 elements of the National Guard, as reported by Reforma, have taken the access and exit routes. The Army and state police also remain in the area, while the prosecution analyzes the security cameras of the municipality to try to find those responsible. At the moment there is not a single detainee. The prosecutor has also not reported the identity of the victims.

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