Amazon enters the business of food distribution with a millionaire investment to Deliveroo


The company, created by Jeff Bezos, has led a financing round of 514 million euros.

Amazon and Deliveroo

Amazon e-commerce giant Amazon has entered the capital of Deliveroo’s digital home delivery platform by leading a round of financing for the company, which has raised 575 million dollars (514 million euros) from different investors.

“We are impressed with Deliveroo’s focus and dedication to providing customers with an ever-growing selection of excellent restaurants and delivery alternatives,” said Doug Gurr, head of Amazon UK. “We are excited to see what they do next,” he added.

In addition to the company founded by Jeff Bezos, this round of financing also involved investors already present in the capital of Deliveroo such as T. Rowe Price, Fidelity Management & Research Company, and Greenoaks. The distribution platform has raised in its different rounds of financing a total of 1,530 million dollars (1,368 million euros).

Deliveroo explained that he will allocate the funds raised to the expansion of his distribution business, as well as to increase his team of engineers in the company’s offices in London, as well as the development of new products to offer a more personalized offer to consumers and new tools to the delivery people.

“This new investment will help Deliveroo grow and offer its customers more alternatives, adapted to their personal tastes, offer restaurants greater opportunities for growth and expansion of their businesses, as well as create jobs more flexible and better paid for riders “, said Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo.” Amazon has been a personal inspiration for me and the company and we look forward to working with an organization so obsessed with customers, “he added.

Deliveroo operates in more than 500 cities in 14 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom. The platform collaborates with more than 80,000 restaurants and has 2,500 employees in its offices around the world, as well as some 60,000 delivery people.

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