An anarchist group is awarded the shipment of two bomb packages that caused eight injuries in Chile


The group that has reinvindicated Thursday’s attacks against a police station and a former minister used black powder and dynamite

Four days after the bomb attacks on a police station in Santiago, Chile and the office of former Interior Minister of the first Government of Sebastián Piñera, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, an anarchist group has been awarded on Monday both terrorist actions, which left eight wounded police. The brief, which is still being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, is signed by a group that calls itself seditious accomplices / Fraction for revenge. “We claim the sending of two bomb packages composed of black powder and dynamite addressed to Rodrigo Hinzpeter and the mayor of Carabineros Manuel Guzmán of the 54th police station of Huechuraba”, starts the writing, published on the Contrainfo website, dedicated to the dissemination of material of anti-system groups.

“This operation of two explosive attacks is a clear act of revenge and war … We respond through violent anarchic action that is framed and is a contribution to the new urban guerrilla,” they indicate in the text, which mentions international anarchist actions , like “the attacks during the last decades in Italy and Greece”.

In the last five years, Chile has a score of bomb attacks. The chosen targets have been subway stations, churches, police barracks, banks, road dumps, universities, gendarmerie, political party headquarters and buses. Some of the shares have been awarded anarchist groups. This is the case of the attack at the Escuela Militar metro station in September 2014, for which a young 23-year-old anti-system, Juan Flores, was arrested and imprisoned.

Three of the latest attacks, however, had been attributed to them by an organization called Individualists Tending to the Wild (ITS), allegedly responsible for the bomb packages against the economist Oscar Landerretche – who served in January 2017 as Chairman of the Codelco board , the state copper company— and Louis de Grange, president of Metro, attacked last May. The ITS claims to claim ecological causes and its members have neither been identified nor detained. As in this last action, they used Correos de Chile as a transport system for packages, but not dynamite

“We take all necessary security measures so that artifacts explode only in the hands of the people who are the targets of our action. Our enemies are clear, we are not interested in or looking to harm or hurt anyone, ”says the anarchist group in its statement on Monday, in which it calls to unleash“ destructive hostilities ”and expand“ the limits of attacks ”: “We can always go for more,” indicate the accomplices seditious / Fraction for revenge, an alleged subversive cell that is not known in Chilean public opinion. “The powerful are flesh and blood, are identifiable, vulnerable and destructible … We go for they ”, they add in the writing.

The attacks were directed directly against Major Guzman and against Hinzpeter, current legal manager of Quiñenco, one of the main economic groups of the South American country, in whose offices the bomb managed to cross the security barriers and remain at the lawyer’s desk for hours, although later it could be deactivated. “Even though we know that we are all part of the operation of the domain, we recognize that there are degrees of responsibility and the recipients of our explosive shipments have a decisive role both in the management and accumulation of capital and in state control and repression,” they say. the seditious accomplices / Fraction for revenge. “It is they who make fundamental decisions in strengthening oppression. There is no doubt about that, and it is because of those options that we attack them in their places of operation. ”

The anarchist group investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office justifies the sending of the bomb package against Hinzpeter for having “charged with unleashing repression of Mapuche communities in struggle, anarchist environments and student sectors mobilized and radicalized in the heat of street fighting” while he was minister of Interior of the Piñera Executive between March 2010 and November 2012, as indicated in the statement. Among other actions, he is accused of the death of Manuel Gutiérrez – 16 years old, killed by police action in the middle of the social protests of 2011 – and the death of 81 prisoners in a fire in the San Miguel prison, in the capital Chilean They catalog as “infamous” the economic group for which Hinzpeter is currently working and point out that “from these operational centers, today violated”, the “business mafias” plan “the devastation of the land and the siege of the Mapuche communities through their forestry ”.

In the brief they explain that they attempted against Guzmán, of the 54th police station of Huechuraba, in the north of Santiago de Chile, because “his former colleagues murdered the anarchist companion Claudia López” in the commemorations, in 1998, for the 25 years of the coup of the State of Augusto Pinochet, in 1998. “Any police station is a valid objective,” the statement said. “Police and prison society is a reality. Any action against him is completely valid. ”

Except for the death of a 17-year-old boy who was going to install a bomb in 2009, Mauricio Morales, about twenty explosive attacks that have been recorded in Chile in the last five years have caused serious injuries, but not fatalities. It was just a matter of luck that there were no more deaths: the package addressed to lawyer Hinzpeter last Thursday – which by chance did not open – contained 100 grams of dynamite, a compound with an expanding power of about 5,000 per second.

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