An attack in Kabul causes at least 14 dead and dozens injured

A member of the urban guard in front of the place where a car bomb exploded in Kabul this Wednesday.

The Taliban have attributed the attack that has mostly injured women and children

A car bomb attack in Kabul on Wednesday has left at least 14 dead and more than 100 injured, mostly women and children. The Taliban have claimed the attack. “A vehicle full of explosives exploded at the entrance of the West Kabul police station at 9 a.m. (local time),” said Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi. The interior ministry and the police have confirmed the number of victims a few hours after the attack.

The nearly 100 injured were transported to the city’s hospitals. Afghan Health Ministry spokeswoman Wahidullah Mayar has said victims are treated “mostly women and children.” Ahmad Saleh, a shopkeeper affected by the explosion told the France-Presse agency that he heard “a big ‘bum'” after which all the windows of his shop broke. According to the photos and videos published on social networks, the explosion caused a huge cloud of smoke in the sky of Kabul.

The Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, vindicated the attack on social networks and reported that it had been committed by a kamikaze. According to the terrorist group the attack “was launched against an enemy recruitment center, dozens of soldiers and police died.”

Violence in Afghanistan increased considerably in July, the deadliest month since May 2017, with more than 1,500 dead and injured, according to UN data.

In the early hours of Wednesday, Afghan special forces attacked two hiding places of members of the Afghan branch of the Islamic State in Kabul. During the operation three agents died, according to the Afghan security agencies. The operations led to the confiscation of a large number of explosives and material that could be used to make bombs.

The Taliban have been negotiating with the United States for a year. The eighth round of negotiations is taking place during these days in Doha. The pact seeks US military forces to withdraw from Afghanistan in exchange for a Taliban commitment not to plan terrorist attacks. Both sides recently congratulated themselves on the “excellent progress. If that agreement were signed it would open the way for direct negotiations between the Taliban and an Afghan government negotiating team, planned in Oslo.

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