At least 19 dead in an explosion in Cairo


The authorities are not yet clear about the circumstances of what happened in front of a hospital in the Egyptian capital

At least 19 people have died and 30 have been injured early Monday by an explosion of The Egyptian head of Health added that work is continuing to search for other bodies that may have fallen to the Nile River, which is in front of the health center. The Information Office of the University of Cairo, to which the cancer institute belongs, said in a statement that the explosion affected part of the facade of the hospital building although the staff and patients are well.

several vehicles in front of the National Cancer Institute in Cairo, in circumstances that are not yet clear. According to a statement from the Ministry of Interior, the spectacular fire would have occurred as a result of the collision of a vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction along a parallel walk to the Nile River with three other cars. In total, ten cars were affected by the accident, and several of them were completely burned, as the images of the scene show.

The Minister of Health, Hala Zaid, said at a press conference that among the injured five remain in critical condition and at least 54 people have been transferred from the cancer hospital to other health centers in the area. Zaid did not refer to the causes of the explosion, although he noted that it took place in front of the hospital center and not inside as it had been initially speculated. Specifically, rumors circulated through the networks that pointed to an explosion of an oxygen tank at the National Cancer Institute.

The news of the explosion raised suspicions that it could be an attack, as the North African country suffers the scourge of terrorism especially after the coup d’etat of 2013. However, so far, the authorities have not found any indication of so be it. In any case, the prosecution continues to investigate the cause of the explosion to confirm the advanced version by the Ministry of Interior.

The epicenter of violent actions is in the northwest of the Sinai Peninsula, but the metropolitan area of Cairo has not been spared several attacks. For the most part, the security forces are the target of the attacks, although lately there have also been against tourist interests.

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