California cancels next university semester for fear of coronavirus outbreaks


The decision comes after the White House epidemiologist warned against a premature opening

The California university system, the largest in the United States, has canceled classes for the first semester of the next course due to the coronavirus and will only allow them to be taught over the Internet. The decision comes after epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, a key man in the White House covid-19 task force, alerted on Tuesday in the Senate that a premature opening of the United States can cause “outbreaks” of the virus with “Serious consequences” for the country, which has already registered almost 81,000 deaths from the pandemic. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County has said the confinement order could be extended for another three months.

California State University Chancellor Timothy White has decided that classes at its 23 campuses will be canceled in the next semester, which starts in September, and that the lessons will be delivered online, in anticipation of the pandemic continuing in fall. “When our university opens without restrictions, as in the past, it is a place where half a million people are concentrated daily in an environment of great dynamism and closeness,” White said in a statement. “Unfortunately, that closeness is not on the table now,” he added.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County Health Officer Barbara Ferrer has said that, according to her forecast, the confinement of the 10 million people who live in the area will likely continue throughout the summer. “Although confinement will continue for the next few months, the restrictions will be relaxed” when the outbreak descends, to slowly revive the local economy.

These statements come shortly after the state governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, explained on Tuesday that in some parts of California, restaurants may reopen under strict conditions, while open-air shopping centers may sell their products, although only so that customers pick them up from abroad. In addition, some offices may resume the activity with limitations. In any case, the plan to revive the fifth economy on the planet still keeps gyms, beauty salons and tattoo shops closed.

De-escalation strategy

The strategy of de-escalation and containment of the virus has already fully immersed itself in the electoral swamp in the United States, and has turned the communication of this process by the authorities into a ceremony of confusion. Americans have been listening to conflicting messages for months: the same president, who approves guidelines on how to decide to ease the containment measures, is the one who immediately asks that the revival be accelerated without attending to the numbers.

Meanwhile, federal agencies and Administration scientists, who have so far managed to impose their criteria, seem to be speaking from another galaxy. In front of them is the epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, who said this Tuesday: “If some areas, cities or States jump over the different security controls without having the capacity to respond, my concern is that we are going to start to see small spikes [in contagion] ] which will then become outbreaks ”, the scientist has warned about some territories that have begun to ease restrictions and enter so-called phase 1 without having yet tamed the expansion of covid-19. “The consequences could be very serious,” he insisted, if there is no adequate response capacity.


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