Historic record at auction for old Nike shoes: $ 437,000


The figure more than doubles the previous world record paid in a bid for sports shoes. With the 1972 pair, Miles Nadal completes the collection of the 100 rarest models in the world

The Canadian collector Miles Nadal had almost all the rarest shoes in the world. Only one pair was missing: the Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe, 1972. But this Tuesday the businessman paid off his personal debt. Nadal paid $ 437,500 (about 392,000 euros) for the model designed by hand by the co-founder of the sports company, Bill Bowerman. The auction house Sotheby’s and Stadium Goods, a website dedicated to the sale of sportswear, organized the bid, which was public and online. With this historic object – only 12 pairs were made – the collector has made the 100 most exclusive sports shoes on the planet. His plan now is to mount an exhibition of all of them at the Canadian Automobile Museum in Ontario.

“I am delighted to acquire Nike’s iconic Moon Shoe, one of the rarest pair of sneakers ever produced and a true historical artifact in the history of sport and pop culture,” Nadal said after the purchase. Estimates In the presale they were around 160,000 dollars and the connoisseurs considered them generous.This Tuesday, the executive director of the multimillion-dollar investment company Peerage Capital paid almost three times that value.

“We are excited that the iconic Moon Shoe has achieved more than double the world record obtained in a sneakers auction,” said Noah Wunsch, the Global Director of Electronic Commerce at Sotheby’s. The auction house had a successful raid on his first sports shoes bid, dubbed ‘The Last Shoe Collection.’ Other models in the collection are the sports shoes that the character of Marty McFly used in the movie Back to the Future II or the only model in the exclusive collection that Rapper Pharrell William designed a gift for fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel for Adidas, as well as other models designed by singers by the Yeezy Boost 350 designed by Kanye West or the Air Jordan 4, which were designed by rapper Travis Scott for your friends and family,

“Sports are history and there are stories in these sports. The culture of the shoes has exploded to become a worldwide phenomenon, a new language about what it takes, “the auction house explained when promoting the bid. Nadal wanted to buy them all. The 100. But the auction house decided that the Moon Shoes would be offered to the public on Tuesday. The decision only delayed the ambitions of the Canadian, who also collects cars and motorcycles: he has more than 142 cars and 40 motorcycles that are part of the Dare to Dream collection at the Automobile Museum of Canada.

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