Hong Kong protesters organize a large sitting at the airport

Hong Kong protesters have organized a sitting this Friday in the arrivals hall of this island's airport.

Authorities announce that only people with a ticket can enter the air terminal

Everyone who arrives at the airport in Hong Kong on Friday will have come face to face with an unusual image: that of hundreds of people doing a “sitting” in the arrivals area. This is the first of the actions that protesters have planned for the weekend, in which protests against the Carrie Lam government will continue for the tenth consecutive week.

This technique was already implemented two weeks ago, with the aim of internationalizing the cause and raising awareness of the city’s situation, the most serious crisis in its modern history. Protesters have announced that they intend to remain there for the entire weekend, while the airport authority, meanwhile, has already made known through an official statement that “only passengers with a ticket can access the check-in aisles “. The police, for the moment, have not intervened.

Who has done it has been Carrie Lam, the discussed chief of the local Executive, who gave a press conference this Friday to warn about the impact that the massive mobilizations are having on the economic march of the excolonia, one of the main centers Financials of the world. “This recession is very fast, and some voices have described it as a tsunami,” Lam said, “I fear it is more serious than any of the previous ones.” The chief executive also announced that her cabinet will cut her vacations to two weeks and resume her regular meetings on Tuesday to try to solve the complicated situation.

“I do not believe only in making concessions to silence the protests, we must do what is best for Hong Kong,” he said, an objective for which he has the Chinese Government, which this week reaffirmed its support for the Executive and the security forces of the territory, while warning the protesters that “he who plays with fire burns.” The popular response has not taken long to arrive, in the form of a slogan: “If we burn, you burn with us.”

To manage these incendiary threats, the Hong Kong Government has announced the reinstatement of Alan Lau to the police force. Lau, a respected veteran who had retired last year, became famous for his management of the umbrella revolution in 2014. Lau has been appointed deputy commissioner for a period of six months with the goal of “strengthening the strategic order and monitor public events. ” Perhaps the most important of these events is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, a date that is given great importance from Beijing, so it is being pressured so that the demonstrations have dissolved by then .

Likewise, the Chinese aviation authority has decreed that the crew of the airlines, especially of the Hong Kong flag company Cathay Pacific, participating in the protests will be prohibited from flying over the Chinese airspace since Saturday, which is equivalent in practice to suspend them in their functions. A Cathay pilot was arrested at protests last week and Beijing has demanded that the airline identify all workers who participated in the demonstrations.

Social tension has continued to increase this week, after photos of a meeting between the main members of the Demosist pro-democracy party, headed by Joshua Wong, and the head of the political section of the U.S. consulate in the territory were leaked, Julie Aedeh Hours later, on his Facebook profile, Wong explained that the reason for the interview had been to submit a formal petition to the US Congress to cut off the supply of tear gas and rubber bullets to Hong Kong. In spite of this, the images have been used by the pro-Chinese sectors to promote the theory of “black hands”, according to which the protests would be part of a conspiracy of foreign powers.

This event has triggered a crossroads of statements between Washington and Beijing, after the State Department accused the Chinese Government of being behind the leak of personal data from the diplomat, including the name and school attended by their children, which described as “action corresponding to a mafia regime”. China has denied these charges, ensuring that the US uses a “gangsteril logic.”

For this weekend there are several demonstrations in different neighborhoods of the city, although many of them have not been authorized by the security forces. The most dangerous of all will take place on Sunday in Victoria Park, where a crowd will congregate with the intention of heading back to North Point, a neighborhood of mostly Prochina where last Sunday a group of local gangsters armed by wooden rods attacked to the protesters.

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