Hong Kong protests, in pictures


The police detain at least 15 protesters who were heading towards the Liaison Office, the highest Chinese representation in the territory

1. Hong Kong police launched tear gas and rubber bullets this Sunday against                        prodemocracy protesters near the Chinese government liaison office. In the picture,            protesters in an improvised barricade in Hong Kong.

2. Police face protesters this Sunday in the streets of Hong Kong.

3. A group of about 200 protesters headed towards the Chinese government’s liaison office     with Hong Kong where they met a contingent of riot police who guarded the building,         whose facade had already been dirty last week with eggs and graffiti. In the picture,           protesters face the police, this Sunday.

4. The crowd focused on the heart of Hong Kong. Police had authorized a static protest            in a park but prohibited them from marching through the streets.

5. Police called on the protesters to end their “illegal meeting” before the discharge of gas      and rubber bullets. In the picture, protesters and journalists during the protest.

6. Protesters this Sunday in central Hong Kong.

7. Police and protesters on the streets of Hong Kong, this Sunday

8. Protesters in the Hong Kong subway, this Sunday.

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