Iran warns the US that if it captures its oil tanker it will face “serious consequences”

In photo, the tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, this Thursday, before his release.

The ship, which has been held since July in Gibraltar, is heading to Greece

Iran has strongly warned the United States of any attempt to capture its tanker in international waters, until this Sunday held in Gibraltar. “Iran has sent the precise warnings to American officials through official channels, especially the Swiss embassy [Iran and the US do not maintain diplomatic relations], that it does not make such an error because that would have serious consequences,” he responded to Press questions Iranian Foreign Affairs spokesman Abbas Musaví, who has described as “blow to the unilateralism of the US” the release of the ship by the Gibraltarian authorities.

Grace 1, now renamed Adrian Darya 1, has changed its previous Panamanian pavilion to the Iranian. The ship sailed from the British colony at around 11 o’clock last night and at this time it crosses the Alboran Sea in the direction of the Greek port of Kalamata, according to the Marine Traffic portal, although there is no official confirmation of its departure or its departure. destination.

The ship, which carries 2.1 million barrels of oil with an estimated value of 125 million euros, was destined for the Syrian Baniyas refinery, but was captured on July 4 by the Gibraltar police and British special forces. The arrest opened a diplomatic crisis between Tehran and London.

The Iranians insisted that the ship follow its route and, two weeks after the blockade, captured the British tanker Stena Impero, who is still in Iran’s hands, in the Strait of Hormuz. “For the liberation of the British offender ship, which committed three maritime violations, we have to wait for the court order,” the Iranian spokesman said Monday.

Last Thursday, the Gibraltar Court lifted the ship’s arrest order, understanding that the Iranian authorities offered guarantees that their cargo would not go to Syria and, therefore, would not violate the EU embargo on Syria. The US filed a request for legal assistance that day to claim the immobilization of the vessel and the seizure of its cargo, which was dismissed by the courts of the colony. The Americans argued that the tanker intended to attend the Revolutionary Guard of Syria, which Washington considers a terrorist group, but Gibraltar responded that US sanctions against the Al-Assad regime have no application in British law.

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