North Korea launches projectiles again


Last week the North Korean regime also fired several artifacts, short-range.

North Korea has returned to shoot a projectile this Thursday, according to has informed the General Staff of Korea of ​​the South, that has not detailed the type of armament. The artifact was launched at 4.30 in the afternoon from north-western North Korea and in an easterly direction.

“North Korea fired unidentified projectiles to the east” from Sino-ri, in the province of North Pyongan, the chief of staff of the South Korean military said in a statement. These shots are produced while the special North American envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, visits the capital of South Korea, Seoul, to try to resolve the nuclear crisis.

North Korea has a missile base in Sino-ri, a facility located in the county of Unjeon (about 75 kilometers northwest of Pyongyang) that has been important in the development of medium-range missiles for the North Korean army.

Five days ago, North Korea launched several short-range missiles from its east coast, according to the South Korean Army. He also fired a short-range missile that landed in the ocean.

The North Korean arms test sought to increase pressure on the United States after the nuclear negotiations between the two countries came to a standstill after the failure of the summit that their respective leaders held in Hanoi (Vietnam) last February. In 2018, at the historic meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore, Kim Yong-un pledged to “work for the total denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

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