The images of the day, 08/20/2019


A selection of the best photographs of the day

  1.  A demonstrator tries to protect Deputy Feleknas Uca, of the Party of Popular   Democracy   (HDP), during clashes with Turkish riot police in a protest against the   replacement of     Kurdish mayors by state officials in three cities, this Tuesday in   Diyarbakir. The mayors   of the provinces of Diyarbakir, Mardin and Van in eastern   Turkey, all members of the     Democratic Party of the Kurdish Peoples (HDP) elected in   March, were suspended for     alleged links with the banned Kurdistan Workers Party   (PKK).

2.  A fireman watches the flames rising from the forest fire near the town of Ayacata in           Tejeda, in Gran Canaria (Spain). After four days of tireless fighting against fire, the             island breathes relieved, with the news that the fire that has already burned a total of         12,000 hectares, has lost strength, although not yet extinguished, according to the             president of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Towers.

3.  An Indian army soldier watches a student aiming an assault rifle during the exhibition         ‘Meet your army’, in Rajasthan (India), on Tuesday.

4.  Several people jump into the sea from the ‘Open Arms’, this Tuesday near the coast of      Lampedusa (Italy). In recent hours the situation has continued to deteriorate aboard          the humanitarian ship, which has been at sea for 19 days. In the early morning, one of      the migrants, of Syrian nationality, threw himself into the water and was rescued by the      Italian Coast Guard, who took him to the port, where he was picked up by an                    ambulance. A few hours later, nine more followed suit and, early in the afternoon, five        others jumped overboard.

5.  A hostage is attended by health personnel after being released by a bus hijacker on the       Rio-Niterói bridge (Brazil). A masked individual, armed and with gasoline, keeps the           passengers and the driver of a bus in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro hostage on           Tuesday, threatening to burn the motor vehicle from inside.

6.  An aerial photo shows a flowered heather in the Veluwe nature reserve in Vierhouten         (Netherlands). The greenish-brown heather fields in the Veluwe nature reserve have           turned purple due to rains in July and August.

7.  A man charges two electric fans while walking among the flooded streets of a                     residential area near the banks of the Yamuna River, which overflows in New Delhi             (India). Monsoon rainfall is vital throughout the South Asia region. However, since             2015, with the exception of 2017, India has suffered widespread droughts each year           combined with floods, such as those that caused about 350 deaths in the southern             state of Kerala last summer.

8.  A fire, started in the early hours of Tuesday, has affected part of the decoration of the         entrance to Libertad Street, decorated for the fiestas of the Barrio de Gracia. From the       commission of Fiestas on Liberty Street they have explained that they are “dismayed”         and have assured that “that goes beyond the fact of not respecting the ‘guarnit'”.

9.  Members of Amnesty International, boarded the boats of the El Retiro Park Pond, in an       act on Tuesday to ask the European governments for a “Safe Harbor Now”, in support         of the NGO ships that hope to land rescued people in the Mediterranean.

10.  Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte addresses the Senate while Deputy Prime                 Minister Matteo Salvini kisses a rosary in the plenary on Tuesday in Rome (Italy).               Following the motion of censure raised by the leader of the ultra-right-wing League,           Giuseppe Conte has announced his resignation, calling Salvini “irresponsible” for                 triggering a government crisis that risks “a spiral of political and financial instability.”

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