Trump attacks the African-American Reverend Al Sharpton: “He hates whites!”


The American president accuses the religious of being a “scammer.” The veteran in the civil rights fight replies that if he were, the Republican would want him in his cabinet

Donald Trump attacked the African-American Rev. Al Sharpton on Monday. The president has tweeted this Monday that the religious is “a scammer” who “hates whites and police!” The veteran defender of civil rights for blacks in the United States responded quickly to the insulting message: “If [Trump] really thought I was a scammer, he would want me in his cabinet.” The spark that ignited the brawl was a photo of the religious on the way to Baltimore (Maryland). Over the weekend, Trump charged the African-American Congressman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat who represents much of Baltimore, a district that the US president described as “a disgusting disaster, infested with rats and rodents” in which no human being would want to live. 

The record between Trump and Sharpton is long-standing, something that both have recognized on Twitter during the rifirrafe. The president said he has known the reverend for a quarter of a century and often asked him for favors: “He loved Trump!” For his part, the activist leader shared a photo of the 2006 National Action Network Convention in which both appear alongside heavyweight figures in the fight for racial justice. In the description of the image he said: “Trump telling [the singer] James Brown and [the Reverend] Jesse Jackson why he respects my work. Now the tone is different. ” The current one is aggressive: the New Yorker accused him of being a “scammer” and a “troublemaker”, who is always looking for how to score a point.

“Trump says that I am a troublemaker and a scammer. I caused problems for fans. If I really thought I was a scammer, he would love me in his cabinet, ”replied the Reverend. Later, in an interview on MSNBC, Sharpton said the president is playing with what he “expects to be racial ignorance” of many. During the previous weeks, the president threw gasoline on the racial issue when he sent back to “their countries” four Democratic congressmen of ethnic minorities, three of them born in the United States and one nationalized. When asked if he was not worried that his message was considered racist, he said no. “A lot of people think like me,” he replied. A few days later he staged a rally in North Carolina in which he criticized Muslim lawmaker Ilhan Omar and the public began to cheer: “Send her back, send her back!”

Cummings, one of the opposing voices on the precarious situation of immigrants on the border with Mexico, returned Monday to be subject to the attacks of the US president. Trump said that under the leadership of the veteran legislator – he has been in Congress for 23 years – Baltimore has reached the worst crime statistics in the country. The locality of 610,000 inhabitants is the third city with the highest homicide rate per 100,000 people, just below St. Louis and Detroit. “Reverend Al will appear there to complain and protest, but nothing will be done for those in need. What a shame! ”Snapped the Republican.

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