Two American tourists arrested for the murder of a ‘carabiniere’ in Rome


Two young people, aged 19 and 20, have been arrested for voluntary manslaughter and attempted extortion

Two American tourists, aged 19 and 20, have been arrested for the murder of a civilian carabiniere in central Rome on Friday. They are accused of voluntary manslaughter and attempted extortion. The death of Mario Raga Cerciello, 35, has caused a great commotion in the country and during all this Saturday the tributes have happened. Raga had just returned from his honeymoon in Madagascar.

The carabiniere was stabbed by the 19-year-old he was arresting for stealing a backpack on Friday in a well-off neighborhood near the Vatican. The two Americans were arrested that same day in the afternoon at the four-star hotel where they were staying. They had their bags packed and a ticket back to the United States for that night. At first the press spread that the detainees were Maghreb, later the police denied this false information. “Apparently they are not Italian, what a surprise!” Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Friday morning, claiming “forced labor forever” for “those bastards.”

According to the Italian police statement, both gave statements on Friday night and confessed that they had stolen an Italian’s backpack and claimed 100 euros and a gram of cocaine to return it. The Italian warned the security forces, and when two agents tried to stop the Americans, one of them took out the knife.

But, according to Italian media that cited the investigators, the victim of the robbery was a camel that the two tourists accused of selling them aspirin powder instead of cocaine. The weapon of the crime, a knife “of important dimensions”, was found hidden in the double ceiling of his hotel room. They also confiscated the clothes they were wearing the night of the murder.

The young man who confessed to killing the carabiniere said they were not aware that he was and that they were scared, thinking they were friends of the camel. The two Americans were arrested for manslaughter and attempted extortion, charges that will have to be validated by a judge.

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